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OPPs - DJ Stin X Karan MC X Sultaan

OPPs is taken from a body of work which will be known as Lok Trap, taking the influences from the greats in the game who sang Lok Tahths in amongst more popular songs.

Lok Trap takes the concept of Lok Tahths (folk music of Panjab which passed down knowledge) & fuses them with Hip Hop, to produce a conscious contemporary form of Panjabi music.

For years we as a community have debated about songs filled wth pseudo gangster themes or music that objectifies women. In recent years, we have lacked music with a message, OPPs is our way of showing the art of the possible.

Featuring the powerful vocals of the late great Karan MC alongside Sultaan, this is a track that means something to me on many levels. I hope it is appreciated for what it is & others are inspired to do things differently.

Did it need a video? It has come to the point where the media would have you believe, in order to HEAR a track, you need to see a visual. However, we believe that the most powerful visual creator is your imagination.

So close your eyes, listen to the music & let your imagination show you what you feel, it should be the best video you have ever seen.

As artists, it is our responsibility to create art that will help & inspire future generations.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

Don’t let the social conditioning of views, likes & shares dictate how & what you make. Your art should always be an extension of your soul.

Power to the art.

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