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Nikka Sev - Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di

‘Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di’ is the first single to be released from Nikka Sev’s sophomore album, ‘1501’.

Originally produced by Ved Sethi in 1978, with lyrics provided by Dev Tharikewala, the evergreen classic featured vocals by the unmistakable, KULDIP MANAK. So, to recreate a song of that level is a very risky move.

Nikka has made the conscious decision to capture the essence and vibe of the original, by creating a cover version that encapsulates everything Panjabi Folk music stands for - raw, authentic and unapologetic!

With this in mind, Pargat and Jagdev Khan, nephews of Kuldip Manak himself, have both provided their vocals to the song.

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