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Nikka Sev - Chamkaur

Taking it back to the Dharmik style releases, a style of music in which he was very active in, Nikka Sev releases ‘CHAMKAUR’.

This track tells the story of the formidable sacrifices of the two elder Sahibzaade, Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh, and the army of 40 Singh’s who broke the backs of 125,000 Moguls in the battle of Chamkaur Sahib in December 1704.

When creating a track of this nature, it is extremely important that the 3 elements that make up a track, the music, vocals and lyrics, are of the highest quality. This is exactly what Nikka has done. This track bleeds an overwhelming sense of pride for all Sikhs and Nikka has tried to ensure, through this track, that the legacy of the brave soldiers of Sikhi will not be forgotten and will live on for generations to come.

Music: Nikka Sev

Vocals & Lyrics: Amar Singh Littran

Artwork: Inkquisitive Illustration

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