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Gitaz Bindrakhia - Yaar Bolda

Gitaz Bindrakhia is all set to take the legacy of the legend with Yaar Bolda - watch the video here!

He is going to recreate the epic song "Tera Yaar Bolda" of his father, the greatest of all time Surjit Bindrakhia.

Musical icon Surjit Bindrakhia had given us innumerable commendable songs that are still stuck in our heart, "Mukhda Dekh ke", "Lak Tunu Tunu", "Dupatta Tera Satrang Da" and many more. And now his son will try his luck by song " Yaar Bolda" whose recreated version is penned by Rav Hanjra and music is conceived by Snappy. Its video has been shot and will soon be releasing on YouTube channel of T-Series.

Let's hope this recreated version gets as much love as the original version got.

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