Resham Anmol Feat Shar-S - SnapChat Selfie

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3BUK Muzik presents, Snapchat Selfie by Resham Anmol ft Shar-s!

Resham born and raised in Punjab, has had an overwhelming track record with back to back hits from Chete Karda, Bhabi Thodi End aa, Saroor and Tere Pind. The singer that was taught by the masters of music, Kuldip Manak and Dev Tharike Wala launched his career in 2009 with his first album. With his USA tour just coming to an end he set to release this fun track Snapchat Selfie written by Jassi Singh, video by Shar- s and music by Ravi RBS.

Snapchat Selfie which is the biggest topic around the world comes together as a Punjabi Fusion!!

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