Kulstarr - Sardari

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Kulstarr is finally ready to release his official debut single. Titled Sardari and featuring the powerful vocals of Jaswinder Daghamia, this track further showcases his composition and beat-making ability, whilst also taking inspiration from his folk, Punjabi and hip-hop influences.

The lyrics are written by industry renowned Tari Banwalipuria, with constant input from Kulstarr himself. And when it comes to the instruments, Kulstarr composed and recorded everything in the UK, being particularly passionate about only sourcing UK-based talent.

Sardari has been a massive journey for Kulstarr, who has had to take his time in building this track from start to finish, whilst at the same time working hard in letting his presence be known online. Even turning down an opportunity to study for a PhD just so he could follow his dreams in music and continually develop as an artist. After spending the past couple of years releasing a catalogue of music & videos online, Kulstarr finally releases his debut single Sardari out now on Playback Records.

"The main aim for this track is for the listener to feel proud of who they are, and value their true friendships" Kulstarr.

You can find out more information about Kulstarr through his Official YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud all under Kulstarr.

Sardari is out now across all digital platforms.

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