Kay v Singh - Chunniyan (Out Now)

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Kay V Singh has released his first track from his forthcoming album ‘Bhangra Takeover’ entitled ‘Chunniyan’ with music label Speed Records.

The music has been composed by A2 (Ishwardeep and Gagandeep Anand) and lyrics penned by Milan Virk. He only released his previous album ‘Bulletproof’ in 2017 which included hit tracks such as ‘Bullet 2’ a catchy upbeat track and ‘Mehndi Wale’ which was slow, romantic and emotional. He also worked with artists such as Epic Bhangra, DJ Ice, G Sidhu, Binnie Marwa and many more. And within a year he is already prepared to release his next album! Working with versatile artists and sharing talent wonder what he has lined up!

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