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Jasmine Sandlas - Veera (Out Now)

Jasmine Sandlas releases her track entitled ‘Veera’ with music label T-Series.

The music has been composed by Sumit Sethi who also penned the lyrics alongside Ranjit Randhawa and the video has been directed by Robby Singh.

Jasmine is currently one of the top talked about artists in the industry. She is not an artists who follows the footpath of others and the type of music they release.

She likes to deliver something unique, something interesting and something which is not typical and heard of too much. These points are what make Jasmine’s songs a hit!

From songs like ‘Punjabi Mutiyaran’ to ‘LV Di Jean’ and ‘Vachari’ she has proven if you have a goal then stay focused and work hard and it will surely show a positive result at the end.

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