Johal Premi - Bubbly (Out Now)

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*Johal Premi* AKA The World Favourite Premi ‘King of Stage’ famous for his mega hits *‘Tina o Tine’, ‘Nachdi DI Gut Kul Gayi’, ‘Gidha Pa Nikiye’* amidst several others. Johal is back again with his brand new track entitled *“BUBBLY”*.

He has teamed with International Music Producer/Director *‘Popsy The Music Machine’*. *#BUBBLY* is an upbeat Bhangra track that in doubt will have dance-floors shaking this year. Lyric have have been penned by Johal and will be release on the *22nd March on Speed Records/Times Music* in Association with *Future Shock Production*.


0 #1 Johal Premi - Bubbly (Out Now)Arvin 2018-03-28 09:04
The old style was good, some of these artists need to give it a break :/

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