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Benny Dhaliwal - Ghora 3 (Out Now)

After a few years working on various other projects the duo, Benny Dhaliwal and Aman Hayer are back together with Ghora 3, lyrics have been written from Amrit Managwalia!

Benny Dhaliwal has provided nothing but hit after hit when his musical journey started 2010 with his first single De De Dil Feat G-Money and this is where he started working with the music machine Aman Hayer. After the great response to De De Dil the duo went back into the studio to work on Bennys first studio album and they had lots of ideas for this album and wanted to trial new stuff on this album, so this was in the time when albums were popular, so they got to work and then after a lot of late night studio sessions driving back and forth from London to Coventry the birth of the Ghora was created with the legendary anthem Va Vai Va.

When they first created this they wasn’t sure how the general public would react to this but they wanted to bring something new something fresh to the game so they went with it and with the grace of God it has become an anthem, after the success of Va Vai Va then Benny created loads more hits in different styles of Bhangra brining his own style to the industry after a lot of demand they started work on his second album which entitled Ghora 2 with alot of chart topping tracks such as Aish Karo, Phone Kar Kar Ke, Daroo & Not forgetting the Smash It Ghora 2.

After this album the industry started focusing on more single tracks rather than Albums, after Ghora 2 album Benny started to get a lot of interest from producers wanting to work with him, Benny is very particular if he doesn’t like something he would say no to working with certain artist doesn’t matter how big they are to Benny it’s all about having good sound and something his fans would enjoy Benny isn’t one to jump on the bandwagon to work with certain artists just because how famous they are.

After a few years working on various other projects now the duo have hit back with Ghora 3 as everyone has seen the music industry has changed within its styles and the way music is coming out it’s not your traditional Bhangra music its very urban American west coast vibe, so keeping in within the current style Aman has tired and new style and I have to say he’s come with a banger which will show how musically minded he is and how much talent he has his original fans will be shocked from this style, the lyrics have been written from Amrit Managwalia but even tho the music has been changed to the New style Benny has kept his style and unique style of singing and composition. Ghora 3 will be available on all digital platforms from the 14th March