Diljit Dosanjh - Con.Fi.Den.Tial (Out Now)

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Bhangra superstar Diljit Dosanjh releases his brand new album 'Con.Fi.Den.Tial'!

The album will feature 9 tracks and was produced by Bhushan Kumar with music from Snappy and lyrics from Rav Hanjra.

The tracks from the album include:

1. High End

2. Future

3. Big Scene

4. Drive

5. Sorry

6. Offline

7. Pain FT Kaater

8. Weekend

9. Beedio Call

This is huge news! It's not very often that Punjabi album are being released by artists as many have diverted to releasing single tracks every so often to create the hype. Many artists believe that tracks get lost inside of an album as the top tracks will take over and earn the most traction.

Diljit is arguably the most popular Punjabi artist at this time all around the world as he has released nothing but hits the past few years. His top tracks now include Patiala Peg, Panj Taara, Do You Know, Laembadgini, El Sueno, and most recently Raat Di Gedi.

This album is expected to be MASSIVE and we would expect no less from Diljit Dosanjh!!!

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+1 #2 Diljit Dosanjh - Con.Fi.Den.Tial (Out Now)Barbs 2018-04-07 20:01
Very India themed people say but the videos are so American? Dont understand this!
china jatt
-2 #1 RE: Diljit Dosanjh - Con.Fi.Den.Tial (Out 24th Feb)china jatt 2018-02-23 19:06
snappy and rav hunjrann are a deadly combo i will look forward to this ALBUM

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