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Jaz Dhami ft. Bambi Bains - So Simple (Out Now)

So Simple is Jaz Dhamis return to the melody his fans have been demanding.

The singer takes it back to the romantic tones we loved hearing in songs like Jind Jaan, Zulfa and Beparwaiyan.

Jaz is working with the freshest writer-producer duo of Rav Hanjra and Snappy for the first time. Rav actually wrote this song especially for Jaz after being inspired by Jaz Dhamis debut song Jind Jaan. He said he had Jazs tone and style in his mind when putting down these lyrics.

As the title suggests, the song and its message is simple. Jaz says “the way the song is written is very uncomplicated – how relationships can be if we just keep it simple!” Do not however be fooled by the senti vibes, be prepared for a sublime bassline, with a visually stunning music video featuring the beautiful Bambi Bains.

So Simple is the third single from Jaz Dhami's album Pieces of Me expected to release this year.