Lakhwinder Wadali - Baat Bane (Out Now)

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Lakhwinder Wadali, who comes from the legendary family of Wadali brothers, has always intoxicated music lovers with his soulful sufi voice. He is keeping Wadali Brother's (his father and uncle) sufi music legacy alive with modern musical touch.

Dropping 6 music albums and many singles since 2002 he has showcased his vital aspects in classical and modern singing.

This time, he has released a song called 'Baat Bane, which is recreated by MH One music for Domino's Studio Session.

The original owner of the song is the legendary Singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

MH One has added modern elements to the songs, thus re-presenting in a musical rock-traditional sufi blend. Music is by Rupin Kahlon whereas lyrics are traditional.

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