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Simon Nandhra - The Awakening (Out Now)

After the successful release of Simon Nandhra single Jind Jaan taken for the album "The Awakening" it is right to say that this album brings excitement for all Bhangra music lovers.

The Awakening is a project dedicated to Simon's fans, who have continually driven him positively for the past 5 years to release another album. This album consists of 10 songs of which 4 have already released as singles. It is unique, as all the lyrical content is new; no cover versions have been produced. Simon himself has helped put the themes in place for each song; there are influences of traditional folk bhangra, uk bhangra, hip-hop, rnb, house and dance; so an album for all types of music lovers.

The Awakening is personal to Simon Nandhra as he has taken a number of years to collate the album, so each song portrays an experience that he has encountered throughout his personal life. Simon states; " "My music is personal to me as I want the listener to connect to each song as I did, and join me on this musical journey".

'The Awakening" features legendary artists such as; Sardool Sikander, Sabar Koti, Master Rakesh, as well as showcasing newcomer Sanjeev Kumar and UK talent Jatinder Singh (aka Jati Cheed). This instalment is described as a "listening album" from start to finish to fully appreciate the vocal versatality of each singer and how Simon has used his expert skills in Audio engineering to create each personal masterpiece.