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Miss Pooja - Jeeeju (Out Now)

The Queen of Duets Miss Pooja has announced that her brand new single 'Jeeeju' will be releasing on Tuesday, December 5th a day after her birthday.

The track will feature music from G Guri and lyrics composed by Vicky Dhaliwal under the Speed Records label and Romi Tahlie.

Miss Pooja is easily one of the greatest female talents in the Punjabi music industry and has proven that year after year, song after song, album after album. She recently set the world record for her 833rd music video of her career, 'Jeeeju' music video was shot in Jalandhar, India. This marks her 3nd world record, the first being when she recorded 1500 songs in just one year. YUP, that's correct... 1500 tracks in a single year! Unbelievable. The 2nd record was for recording 25 religious tracks for an album which is another huge accomplishment as well.

Their is not much Miss Pooja hasnt already done in the industry. She has done many albums, collaborated on duets with plenty of Punjabi artists and has been releasing singles every few months. She is one of the most well known artists in the female Punjabi music industry and continues to stay at the very top.

Pooja's most recent work includes 'Baari Baari Barsi' which also featured music from G Guri and lyrics written by Singh Jeet, she also had 'Sohnea' with Milind Gaba earlier this year and how could we forget 'Pasand' where she collaborated with DJ Dips.

We expect this track to be another fan favourite and look forward to see what comes next for the Queen of Duets, Miss Pooja.

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