Sukshinder Shinda - Tera Naal Saah Chalde (Out Now)

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The Music Man Sukshinder Shinda's brand new track 'Tera Naal Saah Chalde' is out now! The music was produced by Shinda himself with the lyrics written by Ninden Moranwalia under the T-Series label.

Shinda's latest releases include 'Europe Te UK Wangu', 'Eh Gal Pichley Sunday Di', 'Maa Da Karja', and 'Sehre Wala'. Sukshinder Shinda is one of the top Punjabi music producers and vocalists of our generation and has already cemented his legacy in the industry.

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Manu Sara Petha
0 #1 RE: Sukshinder Shinda - Tera Naal Saah Chalde (Out Now)Manu Sara Petha 2017-11-19 08:30
This is not a chart topper It's just another song that sounds like all your other songs, have to accept it that you are boring and let others get on with it

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