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Kulwinder Billa - Palazzo (Out Now)

Punjabi artist Kulwinder Billa has announced that his new single 'Palazzo' will be releasing soon.

This track is projected to be huge as it will feature music from the one and only music producer Aman Hayer and will once again feature lyrics from Shivjot.

Billa has been very successful over the past few years with some big numbers for his singles. Most recognizably 'Timetable', 'Timetable 2', 'Roon Wargi' and 'DJ Vajda' just to name a few. Kulwinder's most recent releases include the tracks 'Yaadan Supne' which featured music from Dr. Zeus, 'Yaad Yaar Di' with music from Gag Studioz, 'Dil Te Laggiyan' with the Jassi Bros, and 'Roon Wargi' from Jassi X.

Aman Hayer also produced Kulwinder Billa's 'Gutt Naar Di' and 'DJ Vajda' Bhangra tracks over the last few years, so can we expect this to be a Bhangra type track as well? We cant wait to find out!

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