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Catching up with DJ Dal on Naal Nachna



DJ Dal who recently released his debut single ‘Naal Nachna’. The track feature’s the vocals of Peeta Nakodoriya who is the lead singer from the world-renowned Bhangra dance group ‘Gabhru Punjab De’!

Hi Dal, and welcome to! Tell us about your track?

The single is called Naal Nachna and is featuring a singer called Peeta Nakodoriya. Peeta is the lead singer for the bhangra group Gabhru Punjab De.

Throughout the past few months, we've seen you made some serious noise with the release of your mixes and mix tapes, what inspired you to create these products?

It all started when I was looking for stuff to listen to in the gym and wanted a non-stop mix of stuff I liked and wanted to listen to. So I went and done a mix for myself to listen to and after playing it to some friends, they wanted a copy and I decided to upload this on soundcloud, youtube and mixcloud.

Releasing mixes and mix tapes seems to be the normality for DJs nowadays, what makes your mixes and mix tapes different from the rest?

To be honest, I don’t really look at other peoples stuff and think I want to do this or something similar. I just do stuff I like and that I like listening to and if others like it it’s an added bonus.

Those who are unaware, you are a proud member of one of UKs leading roadshows in the form of Kudos. Did you find it difficult making a name for yourself from a roadshow that boasts so many established DJs?

As I have been on the DJ circuit for 10 years now, I have built up a good customer base which has grown year by year. The good thing about having a team full of established DJ’s, it keeps the motivation levels high to work on new projects and keep the DJ DAL name growing.

I’m sure as you know, these days the public are very sceptical when it comes to ‘new’ producers and are quick to throw accusations of ghost production around. Can you clear up where the single was produced, in terms of mixing down and engineering & mastering?

I have directed the project, so I helped with the hook line and getting the song written. I then done some basic production on the track, so the guide was done. From there I needed experience and this is where Jeeti came in. Jeeti helped in engineering and mastering the final version.

How much does the quality of the industry overall and the quest to be original weigh on your mind as a producer? Do you feel Bhangra is stagnating at the moment?

I feel we need to do more to promote UK Bhangra, as years ago all the hits were from the UK but now not as many. So I used PBN and Punjabi MC as motivation is making this type of upbeat track.

As a newcomer did you have any mentors or people who gave you a great deal of support and knowledge when you were producing your single?

I work with a team that always support and guide you. So I have to thank everyone at Kudos Music and E3UK.

More directly, who do you admire as a producer?

Punjabi MC & Manni Sandhu.

Moving onto Deejaying, in your opinion, what skills and attributes should a UK born Bhangra DJ have when behind the decks?

As I mainly concentrate on DJ’ing at weddings and events. I would say you DJ who want to do the same, should work hard on there music knowledge in all genres and be able to pick up the mic and bring the energy to the event.

Is there any advice you would give to budding music producers and DJs?

Keep working hard and it will happen. I started as a roadie and had to pick up speakers etc for 3 /4 years till I got the change to DJ myself.

Moving onto the new single, how did the collaboration come about between yourself and Peeta Nakodoriya? And how does Peetas vocal compliment the track?

I have know Peeta for years as he sings for Gabhru’s. Peeta has done songs previously and we decided to do this project together.

Is there any upcoming information you can enclose about forthcoming material under the DJ Dal brand?

Yes. A week after the release I will be doing a live Mix on BBC Asian Network for Tommy Sandhu and then in August I will have 30 min Mix of non stop bhangra. Might even call it ‘Simply Bhangra’!

Lastly, is there any last words you would like to say to the readers of

I would like to thank everyone who reads for being a Bhangra fan and keep our music alive.