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Brown Gal Ft Roach Killa - Sweet Gal (Full Video)

The Youtube Sensation ”Brown Gal" to launch second SOLO “Sweet Gal" featuring International rapper ROACH KILLA who adds spice to sweet!

AK Productions, the time tested launch pad of music stars like YO YO Honey Singh, Romey Gill, Alfazz and many more is releasing the second song for its newly launched youtube sensation Brown Gal of “Lollipop” fame. The Song tilted as “Sweet Gal” is a celebration of beauty and Charms, the video is well shot in Dubai and has a true international texture. International rapper Roach Killa’s rap and Lyrics by Guru strike an immediate cord with the listeners. This is the second time AK Productions is associating with Zee Music for releasing the second one from “Brown Gal”.

Brown Gal got almost 2 million views on youtube for her first song “Lollipop”. The young sensation has all the masala and is resolved to explore the independent music area. The first song was really a sassy number targeted at youth. AK Productions chose to launch the song on youtube. The ever-growing views on youtube and the amount of sharing value it generated makes Brown Gal the next star. "Sweet Girl” is the second independent number by Brown Gal- this video is going to reach a much larger audience as its going public beyond youtube.

“We identify talent and work with them to produce “HIT” material. Brown Gal is a classical example of a complete package in one star. She not only has looks, style and X Factor but is also a great performer on stage. She reminds me of many stars like YO YO and Romi Gill in their initial days. The energy is pretty similar and the art of striking a cord with audience is something that cannot be given to an artist. She has all the potential of making it big”, says Anoop Kumar-Managing Director AK Productions.

The video for the song is shot in Dubai and is directed by The James only. Its choreography is a signature style that has been appreciated all these years from the house of AK Productions. Zee Music is going to promote “Sweet Gal” Zee TV, Zee ETC, & TV, & Pictures, Zing Music etc. The song is expected to be a hit this wedding season as it has all what it takes to be a HIT…

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