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Nazron Sey by Hani King Out Now!

The Singer/Songwriter/Producer HANI KING has recently bagged a deal with one of India’s top music labels “Speed Records” and is now back with his first release of 2016 “NAZRON SEY”!!

Hani the Middle Eastern/ Punjabi UK BASED artist is back with us as "Hani King" as his way to represent his roots from the Arab world. Last year Hani King brought to us his ground breaking track ‘'Saat Samandar SevenSeas Refix'' which was led by his second release "NO MORE" in 2015 that sparked massive attention at this new and unique artist. Filmed in Paris and London the high production Refix music video gave us a flavour of what to expect from Hani King in the future.

Now in 2016, Hani King has returned with "Nazron Sey" under the banner of Speed Records. Nazron Sey is a mixture of English,Punjabi and Hindi Urban/RnB waves. The song is written by Hani King himself and the music and video isdone by the highly acclaimed Akash which was shot at one of UK's finest beach sites Durdle Door. Hani also chose a leading Middle East designer “Hibayaat” as the stylist and wardrobe specialist for the video.

The lyrics were inspired by Hani King’s past relationship where he learned a valuable lesson- not to be fooled by appearances. In the end, looks do not mean anything, everything that is within a person is what makes a person beautiful and at the very least- HUMAN.

“Innocent appearance and innocuous talk, but there is a difference between what they say and what they mean though their face is like that of the moon, O God save us from the schemes of their hearts!”

Hani King is set to release a string of tracks this year and some to be produced by the artist himself. Videos and sounds will be exploding and he also has events lined up in the UK and in the Middle East.

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