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Desi Dark Child to Release Teri Thoor

Desi Dark Child & his record label are proud to announce the new single “TERI THOOR” which is going to be released on the 4th of August 2016.

This single features a very good quality singer named Aalam Jasdeep Singh along with upcoming lyricist Jagga Nikkuwal. Aalam Jasdeep Singh has had tense vocal lessons from a very young age whereby he is now ready to break barriers in the music industry. The song TERI THOOR is showcasing his vocal quality and many will agree that he is a powerful singer that deserves to get recognised for his vocal ability.

Desi Dark Child

"Producing such quality singer was important for me as the producer for this song to direct the vocals and re-record the whole concept by making formal changes, as many in today’s industry do not consider this in production but go along with what a singer has sang. I feel confident and feel great potential in the song, and hope everyone will enjoy it once hearing it and give their full support. I thank all media and fans around the world for supporting our music and above all almighty God and my entire team who work very hard on each project. {jcomments off}