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EDM Meets Bhangra & Dancehall!

Brown Cow & Arpan Set to Create History... He dreamt of creating music with global appeal. His vision was that of a crossover track, a unique fusion of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Bhangra and Dancehall. To make it a reality he left his high flying career in Tech as a VP of Sales, and now, after two years that dream is about to become a reality.

The brainchild of this movement is US-based, Sanj Juneja (aka Brown Cow), CEO of SpinCycled Entertainment Group Inc. ( Working closely with the musical maestro Arpan Bhattacherjee (aka ARPAN), they're all set to create history. Their co-produced finished product called 'Start Up Yet' featuring Shi Wisdom is nothing short of genius.

Shi Wisdom is herself a Redbull Sound Select Artist that has worked with the superstar Drake and co-wrote Rita Ora's mega hit 'RIP' which has so far gained over 55 million views on Vevo.

After receiving many accolades for the track, Brown Cow and ARPAN worked with one of the most highly sought after film companies in Canada, Revolver Films (, and shot their video over the course of 10 days in the slums of Trinidad via Director, Kristof Brandl. Selecting Kristof Brandl as their DOP was a no-brainer as Kristof has aggregated a tremendous resume spanning in his 5 year career, shooting Drake’s “Jungle” Short Film and also Zedd’s, “Beautiful Now” video (over 65M views on Youtube). Most recently, Kristof was the recipient of the Prizm Prize - Arthur Lipsett Award (this award was presented by MuchFACT, recognizes a Canadian music video artist for their innovative and unique approach to music video art.) The striking video, shot entirely in Trinidad, provides a 4 minute escape into the lives of locals and features mesmerising dancers, fast-action motorcyclists. And definitely matches the intensity and creativity of the track.

“Start Up Yet” is being released by SpinCycled Entertainment Group Inc, an independent Music Label that Sanj founded and he’s recently partnered with Niraj Bhatia, a game-changer in his own right. Niraj’s Film company, Om Films Inc. ( has produced several critically-acclaimed movies, including the A Tribe Called Quest Documentary, “Beats, Rhymes, and Life” and most recently “Meet the Patels,” a documentary that is gathering a huge following on Netflix. Currently, the SpinCycled duo are working on music projects that span from the US to India and are also working on a film documentary for 2017 that will be shot in the Bay Area.

In his home in Atlanta, GA, Sanj says, “We’re in a very unique position at SpinCycled where we have the ability to manage global projects that fuse together film, music, fashion, and media, all under one umbrella! The release of ‘Start Up Yet’ is just the beginning of our global movement to meld together different cultures, traditions, and perspectives into art”.

The global exclusive the video was provided by MTV inc. (A Viacom company) both online and televised as their “Video of the Week” on June 17th, 2016. An incredible feat as this is usually reserved to the largest artist in the industry. In addition, MTV will be provided a max marketing push over a 3-day period prior to the release and previewed the video on NYC Times Square on the jumbotrons on the 17th. Other features on media sites include: (a music site run by music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Coombs, (run by Google Inc.),,, and

The track was released on the 17th June and is available NOW for download on iTunes and all other digital platforms.