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Listen to Kise Nu Ni Care by Deepdollas


Born in Hayward and raised in Union City, Deepdollas was always surrounded by his Punjabi culture and roots. Along with his roots came a long history of the love for music - listen to his latest track 'Kise Nu Ni Care' Here!

Originally he started off as a young kid who wanted to be a “rapper”. As he got older he got into making beats and audio engineering. He continued audio engineering for a long time until he started writing, singing, and producing his own music.

Today he has taken his focus back to his original Punjabi roots and is releasing two albums for everyone worldwide under the record label 5abi Records. This track Kise Nu Ni Care is a very touching song with a lot of meaning behind it.

DeepDollas does not promote violence between Indians but growing up in the rugged streets of the Bay Area he didn't put up with any other races when it came to discriminating Punjabis. When your the only kid in the school with a turban you definitely will have times where people will make fun of you or physically touch your turban.

Going back to his childhood he talks about not letting anyone touch his hair and not putting up with their crap. In America, Punjabis have worked hard to make this also their home. He speaks about how farmers who sold their lands to migrate to America worked hard enough to buy land in America and go back to what they originally did best "farming".

Everywhere he goes, he spreads knowledge about his culture to other races, gaining respect for the Punjabi community. Everyone sit back and enjoy as DeepDollas takes us through this California journey with his music and visuals dropping soon. Rab Rakha.

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