Exclusive Interview with Yuvraj Hans, Navraaj Hans

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Simply Bhangra's Trisha Arora had the opportunity to get some insight on this film 'Canada Di Flight' from the ‘Hans’ brothers, read the Exclusive Interview Here!

Based on the dream of many Punjabis to move abroad, the film 'Canada Di Flight' is a comical tale of three friends (Yuvraj Hans, Navraaj Hans, Rana Ranbir) who are set to make their way to Canada to start new lives. Among the many celebrity names in the film, brothers Yuvraj and Navraaj Hans play two of the friends who attempt to make this interesting and eventful journey to a new land.

Tell us a little bit about the movie plot. What is 'Canada Di Flight' about?

Yuvraj Hans: This film, Canada Di Flight, is a story of three friends who dream of landing in Canada directly from their village. The story unfolds as they try to fulfil their dream and go through an adventurous journey. Will they be able to make it to Canada or not remains for the audience to discover.

Navraaj Hans: It’s based on the desire of Punjabis’ to move out of India and landing up in Canada. The three young Punjabi men who want to go to Canada and settle down there meet an agent called Chawla and then the fun begins. I am sure people will enjoy this light hearted movie and I urge them to go watch it.

How do both of you feel about working with your brother? You have a special sibling bond, will that show through your characters in the film?

Yuvraj Hans: The film is special to me, for it’s the first time I will share screen space with my brother Navraaj. I am extremely grateful to our director Roopesh Rai Sikand, who would enact the scenes for us whenever we would be stuck.

Navraaj Hans: Likewise, I am so glad to have worked in the film, with meri jaan my younger brother Yuvraj. It’s only my second film, and I learnt so much from Yuvraj who is a fine artiste and also Rana Ranbir who I have always adored on the screen. I am grateful to him for extending his love and support for our family.


Has there been any sibling rivalry on set? Do you feel there are any disadvantages to working alongside your sibling?

Yuvraj Hans: Well, so far none. We share a good bonding which I am proud of and it was so much fun shooting together for the film. And I think there are only advantages of working with my brother. He is great.

Navraaj Hans: Yes, as Yuvi said it was fun to work together and we really had complete entertainment on the set. It feels good to work alongside your brother and I will always be there for him.


Along with some laughs and entertainment, what message are you trying to give to the audience through this film?

Yuvraj Hans: The movie is portrayed well with a good message, ‘Home is Home, No wonder where ever you go in the world – There’s no better place such as Home’.

Navraaj Hans: The film is a light comedy with a social message and also has catchy music which makes it a complete entertainment package.

In what ways do you believe that your characters or the film itself are relatable to overseas audiences?

Yuvraj Hans: It’s the desire of most Punjabis’ to go to Canada and settle on with business. But as most of them don’t know how to go about it and go through various things, this movie puts all those relatable stuff together for international audience.

Navraaj Hans: Well, will the trio be able to board the flight to Canada or not, the audience must watch it to find out. And I am sure the overseas audience will relate to most stuff in the movie.

In which area would you both like to improve as actors?

Yuvraj Hans: Well, I think one has to keep improving on a regular basis because every film is different from the other. So one has to play different characters and in order to do so, one should keep working hard towards the betterment.

Navraaj Hans: Life itself is a learning process so I believe that with every other movie I learn and improve my skill set. And I will continue doing that.

Do you have a message for your fans and the SimplyBhangra audience?

Yuvraj Hans: I am sure the film will be successful in tickling the funny bones of the international audience as much as it did in India. So I would urge the audience of SimplyBhangra to check out the movie and have some lighter moments.

Navraaj Hans: The film is a high entertainer, music is catchy and has a social message that makes an exciting climax. I am sure the audience will enjoy it. Thank you SimplyBhangra for your support!

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