Exclusive Interview with Diljit Dosanjh on Ambarsariya

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'Man of the Moment' Diljit Dosanjh is getting ready for another Punjabi movie titled 'Ambarsariya' which also will be featuring the debut of Lauren Gottlieb into the Punjabi cinema.  Read what he has to say about the Movie in ths Exclusive Interview!

 Diljit Dosanjh plays an Insurance agent dedicated to his job – but he works hard and plays hard too, in fact he’s quite a player in the ladies department! That’s not to say he’s forgotten his roots and values – Ambarsariya is the story of a simple Panjabi boy from Amritsar facing an inner conflict of becoming a successful business man or protecting his community.

 You do varied work, but what kind of project sparks your interest?

There is no ONE kind basically. Every project that I have done until now were different from one another. So, all of them don't fall in any 'ONE' kind of a category. There can many reasons that I pick up the projects. It can be script at times, people that are related to the project or may be something that I feel connected to.

But most importantly,  the film has to have something new to offer me where I can surpass my previous performances. 

Do you ever get nervous before taking on a project?

 Not while taking up the project but probably before the release of every single one. Every single time my project releases, my audience, my fans, my people keep raising their expectations of me.

To be able to live up to their expectations, to be able to deliver the level of work they all expect from me is extremely important to me.


What attracted you to Ambarsariya?

The script and the director! I have worked with Mandeep Bhaji in Jihne Mera Dil Luteya. I had a lovely experience working with him. He is one of the finest directors we have in our industry. I always learn a lot from him.

It's a thriller comedy and I am doing such a role for the first time. I have done some rom-coms in the past, then I did a period film like 'Punjab 1984', this one is a thriller comedy.


Can you tell us about the film and character you play?

As the name explains, it’s a story based in Amritsar. Can't talk much about the character, audiences can expect that he is a insurance sales agent with a twist.  I guarantee that this movie has enough reasons for you to go and watch out it.

The protagonist in Ambarsariya faces an inner conflict. How do you deal with inner conflicts in real life?

I don't think there is any inner conflict in the protagonist in the film as well as in my personal life. I do what I love and I love what I do.

Do you have a favourite moment in the movie?

There are many but I would share those after the film is released. Let people go and watch the movie then they will able to relate with what I am talking about.

What can we expect next from you?

 As of now, I am just looking forward to Ambarsariya. I have a concert in the UK in May, looking forward to meeting my UK fans there. And then I have The Return of Sardaarji in the summer. So a lot in the pipeline.

What is your greatest unfulfilled cinematic ambition?

There isn't one, it's a list.

Why do you think Punjabi cinema is doing so well?

Punjabi cinema is doing well because our audiences have started believing in the content we are creating these days. Past few years have been really great for the industry and even filmmakers have started to have more faith towards the potential of Punjabi cinema, resulting in good quality cinema being produced.

What do you most love about Punjab?

I love the entire Punjab, every single aspect of Punjab. I am a proud Punjabi.

 What inspires you most?

 My own work! Inspiration and desire to work even better next time. Thank you to all my fans for all their love!

We at wish all the people associated with this Movie loads of good luck.



jothi me
+1 #2 RE: Exclusive Interview with Diljit Dosanjh on Ambarsariyajothi me 2016-03-17 17:15
Agree, too much of the same stuff. Ju Think, 5Taara plus his movies are repetitive

Turning into a Miss Pooja / Lehmber
Saran Sethi
+3 #1 RE: Exclusive Interview with Diljit Dosanjh on AmbarsariyaSaran Sethi 2016-03-16 07:02
Hmm too much of Diljit is now getting boring take 5 and just relax. The songs sound the same as well, same prodcution all the time dont work.

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