Resham Singh Anmol Talks about Jatt Di Yaari

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Jovan caught up with Resham Anmol to talk about Jatt Di Yaari and the questions asked were as below and for a change we get a Punjabi answered interview!

Where did the idea between Jatt Di Yaari come from?

How much input did you have into the lyrics of the track along with the video concept?

You have worked with Bunty Bains on a few different tracks, how did you get together with him?

What else can we look forward to be hearing from you? Any plans for another album?

Your first ever stage performance was alongside Surinder Shinda at 11 years old, what do you remember about that day?

What would you like to say to the Simply Bhangra readers?

Resham Anmol released a track named Jatt Di Yaari alongside Bunty Bains & Desi Crew which became a hit very quickly and remained on the music charts for quite a while.

Since then Resham has now released a slow track named Chete Karda again with Bunty & Desi Crew meaning their will be plenty more tracks from this combination in the near future.

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