Exclusive Pajh Lo Interview with Inder Kooner

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Fresh from releasing his latest single 'Pajh Lo', Jovan caught up with En Karma vocalist 'Inder Kooner' for this interview!

Where did the idea for the Pajh Lo track come from and what is the concept of the music video?


The idea for Pajh Lo came from myself. I came up with the chorus and got the very talented writer Sukha Kang to finish off the song. This song is actually very personal to me. I’ve dealt with backstabbers and people who like to talk behind people’s back. I’m not going to name names here, but they know who they are. So you can say this one’s for them!


As for the video concept, I wanted to do something different and out of the box for a Punjabi music video. I have a background in amateur wrestling and I’m an avid MMA fan, so you’ll get to see some of that in this video and I think it goes well with the song.




You collaborated with Harj Nagra on this track who has worked with some great artists in the industry, how did you 2 meet and how did the making of this song come about?


I met Harj through a mutual friend. I was instantly a fan of his work and we first worked on a dharmik track together, ‘Dhar tere te’ for Immortal Productions. The response was great so it was only matter of time that we star working on more projects. We have worked on a number of tracks now so you’ll be hearing a lot more of us soon.




Does being based in Canada affect the exposure from talents such as you being recognized as much as artists based out of places like the UK?


Yes I feel like it does. I feel like there’s much more opportunities in the UK to get your music out there and heard. The platforms like BBC, Brit Asia etc really do make the difference. Also not to mention the mela scene is quite happening compared to anything with have here in Canada.


You are the lead singer of the group based out of Vancouver En Karma, how did that group form and what else are you guys working on together?


We formed in 2007, just a bunch of guys who loved playing live music. That progressed to recording an album and the rest is history. We are actually in the final stages of releasing 2 videos from our 2nd album ‘Enkarmafied’ which feature Aman Hayer and DJ Vix. We are also working on brand new singles which will be releasing early 2016.


Your group has opened up for many artists over the years, who has been your favorite artist to open up for?


Yes we have been blessed to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. Everyone has been great to work with and to learn from, but I think the Maharajas Tour we did we Jazzy B in USA was by far the greatest learning experience and fun we’ve had.


How did you get into the music industry and who inspired you to become the artist you are today?


I got into music from a young age learning the tabla and doing kirtan at Punjabi school. From there my interest grew and I just wanted to keep learning. Later I joined a bhangra team to sing live boliyan. It was from there I started getting noticed and was asked to join the band En Karma.


I get inspiration from everyone and anyone who makes good music. I’m very open minded to all kinds of music and genres.


Do you have any other collaborations with other artists coming up and what can we expect to see from you in the future?


Right now I’m focusing on working more with Harj Nagra and my band En Karma. You will see and hear a lot more from us in the near future. That being said I have one track featured on Folk Magic 2 which is produced by AMX. Looking forward to releasing that aswell.


Any final words for the Simply Bhangra readers?


Just want to thank everyone for the on-going love and support, and Simply Bhangra for the support as well. Hope you guys enjoy Pajh Lo! You can follow me on twitter and instagram @InderKooner and on facebook/inderkoonermusic. Once again thank you and god bless.


+1 #3 RE: Exclusive Pajh Lo Interview with Inder KoonerKaim22 2015-10-21 01:21
Sick song!
0 #2 RE: Exclusive Pajh Lo Interview with Inder Kooner0000 2015-10-20 15:29
Quoting JJ.:
a good song but the lack of good marketing, pr and as always label push didnt do that well. looking forward to the future stuff

No sales most tracks flop so labels not goin waste money, too much piracy killed music it has lost its value
0 #1 RE: Exclusive Pajh Lo Interview with Inder KoonerJJ. 2015-10-20 11:12
a good song but the lack of good marketing, pr and as always label push didnt do that well. looking forward to the future stuff

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