Exclusive Interview with California King, Bhinda Jatt!

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Simply Bhangra's Trisha Arora had the rare opportunity to get an exclusive interview with the one and only California King, Bhinda Jatt following the release of his track "Kala Chadra".

What inspired you to be a singer?

I had never actually imagined that I would make a career out of this. I always practiced singing at home as a hobby when I was younger. Then I met Inderjit Bains who is a producer from Canada, he was a good friend of my elder brother Kesar Kc. Once Inderjit was exposed to my singing he spoke to my brother Kesar about getting me to record a song and luckily everything went well after that and this journey of mine continued on.

How is your life outside of your music career? Any hobbies?

My life outside of my music career is very family oriented; I love being surrounded with family and my loved ones as much as possible. Other than that I enjoy writing songs of course, which is not just my job but also my hobby. I also enjoy playing and watching sports and last but not least love to try different types of restaurants no matter where I go!

When asked who he looks up to, he said that Surinder Shinda is one of his biggest role models as he grew up listening to and singing his songs such as 'Bhari Kol Ke' and 'Puth Jattan De'.

Would you ever consider working on or release a track similar to Jatt Diyan Boliyan or Nachdi Di Video?

I have been getting a lot of requests to come up with some related tracks to my old hits like Jatt Diyan Boliyan or Nachdi Di Video. It is very difficult to say anything right now because I have a lot of new ideas that I want to work on but now due to the requests I will try my hardest to incorporate something related to my old songs.

If you could list 3 improvements you believe should be made in the Bhangra industry, what would they be?

The first and biggest has to be that in my opinion, Bhangra is becoming to westernized. The lyrics of a song should be meaningful, we need to get back to our roots and last one would be the rapping between songs I sometimes it’s not needed in certain songs but that’s just my personal opinion.

Who do you believe is one of the most underrated Punjabi singers today?

It is very hard to pick and choose because I believe there are many Punjabi singers out there that do not receive as much recognition as they should for their music. The Punjabi music industry is very tough right now and everyone has his or her ups and downs in this business. It’s more about what the generation of today wants to listen to which is mostly hyped up music with a good beat and nice rhythm.

Can you name one experience (while performing, recording, interacting with other artists), which has greatly impacted you in a positive way?

One of the first people I ever worked with was Sukhshinder Shinda in the beginning of my music career. Just working with each other, passing ideas back and forth and most importantly those ideas turning into big hits is a very positive message in itself.

I made a comeback into the music industry with my song Glassi Nachdi with Surinder Shinda ji, which was definitely a dream come true for me. Surinder Shinda ji will always has and always will inspire me to do good in the music industry and this experience with Surinder Ji was a life changing experience.

How did you become known as the "California King?"

A short while after being known as Bhinda Jatt, back in the day when I first started to sing I was probably one of the view few singers that resided in California. During that time, in the town I grew up in everyone was very well known because the Punjabi community was not as big in my town.

My fans and loved ones gave me the name “California King” because in a way I did represent all the Punjabi’s living in California.

Tell us about the process of coming out with your latest track "Kala Chadra"?

I’m very excited about this track because its one of my personal favorites and a big thank you to everyone that supported be throughout the release of this track. Everyone worked really hard, as idea’s came from all different sides we finally got everything together and ready in time for it’s realize and with god’s grace everyone enjoyed it.

Has being in the music industry impacted your personal life in any way? If it has, how so? If not, what do you think is key for balancing both your personal life and your singing career?

The music industry hasn’t impacted my life to a very major point where it has been very hard. But, there are of course times when I know I should be a part of something but I’m unable to due to my busy schedule.

Time Management is key for balancing a singing career and personal life. It is true we sometime just become lazy and postpone things to last minute but once things that need to get done are out of the way you now have time for other little things that matter in life. This is all possible for if our time has been properly managed, this way we are aware of what needs to get done at which time to avoid any future conflict.


Is there anything you will like to say to the readers of

Thank you SimplyBhangra for your support and promoting my music and that will always mean a lot to me. Thanks to all the readers/fans over the years.

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Interview by Trisha Arora

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