Exclusive 'Sanjay Johal' Interview

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For those who don’t know about you, give us a brief introduction about yourself and your work.

My mother is well known as a singer who released two albums with OSA, and sang with many top bands (A S Kang, Balwinder Safri, Alaap).  I myself have for some years been a dj  Koka Krazy from Birmingham from there I joined from Wolverhampton, recently I formed my own Roadshow called K2K In retrospect you realise that all through your life music has been a apart of you seeping into your subconscious in a very pleasant way.

Congratulations on the release of your debut album ‘Life and Reality’.  Your first production, so how does it feel?

Relief really! I have put so much effort into making this album and I was determined it would be one I would be proud of. I am just starting to get excited based on the initial feedback from those who have heard it.

With artists such as J.Deep, Pargan Bhandal, Shaheen Khan, Sham Bhateja on your album.  How do you choose artists and what qualities do you look for bearing in mind this was your debut album?

I started with a plan for the whole album and then looked for top quality artists with that individualistic Quality which helped me get there. I was lucky in that I was able to persuade everyone along with Baldev Mastana Ji by discussing my overall vision. I am told this is unusual for a debut album. I think they bought into my passion even if they thought I was the new kid on the block .

Your background was a Dj, why did you want to get into production? What sets you apart from the average DJ/Producer out there?

That’s not really for me to say. I don’t say I am better than anyone else but I do have a mission to bring music like this (????) to the fore. This album is different. I love all kinds of music but there wasn’t one album which quite hit the right note in terms of being totally fresh, young, vibrant yet still unadulterated Bhangra. So why not produce one yourself. Thankfully people seemed to like the idea and ‘life and reality’ is the result.

Most producers these days tend to stick with their one 'successful tried and tested production'.  What is different with your production and will we see better, new ideas from you in the future?

Yeah I will always be a bit different. What’s the point in doing the same old thing? I got the chance to make this album because it is fresh and new. When I stop thinking new I promise to stop altogether!

So far 2007 has seen many new releases.  What is your current top 5?

Living The Dream Sukshinder Shinda Moviebox

Jaan Punjabi PBN Limitless Records

Raw As Folk Tru Skool Bazaar Records

Groundshaker Aman Hayer Genie Records

Romeo Jazzy B Moviebox


Tell us something not everyone knows about Sanjay Johal?


I will do anything for a laugh. No point telling everyone if you are depressed cus half the World doesn’t care and the other half are probably quite glad you are miserable! Make ‘em laugh and you are never short of friends.

What do you see yourself doing if not producing music??

Badgering people into letting me produce music. This is what I do now. I have found my purpose.

How important do you think it is for a Music Producer to play instruments on his own tracks, or have a general knowledge on the instrumentation process?

To produce music you have to be able to step away and listen from a completely different perspective. I am not sure it either helps or hinders to be honest. They are different skills as long as you can direct a session musician and tell him how u would like the music piece or the beat played you can’t go wrong.

Have you got any messages for all the aspiring individuals wishing to enter the industry?
If you think you offer something different go for it. It will take many years of hard work and frustration to become an “overnight success”. ..but don’t let that put you off. If you truly believe and refuse to compromise something strange happens and people begin to take notice. I am only young but it is your belief which is persuasive not time served.

The consumers are reluctant to buy an album for 1 or 2 tracks and others sound the same like any other album.  Do you agree that due to the flooding off talent less and un-original albums piracy is on the rise?

I used to spend every spare penny on bhangra albums and know that you can’t buy everything and every new album is a risk of your hard earned cash. Piracy is an issue but sadly it is the quality albums which get pirated most, by definition, so I don’t think it is an excuse. There will always be same old same old out there but think people are becoming more discerning not less.

Any final words to the readers worldwide?

As Bhangra becomes more and more popular Worldwide remember that it is people like you and me that keep it going. I love meeting people through my love of music. So come say hello if you meet me somewhere and tell me you subscribe. Don’t accept unoriginal. Oh and buy my Album please! Even if you can’t then Have fun and try to find people who make you happy. Thanks it’s been enjoyable.


A Big Thanks to Sanjay Johal for the interview, Check out the album Here


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