Exclusive Interview with Indeep Bakshi

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He might be just a 24-year-old Punjabi Munda but when you get to hear him sing, he can take you by surprise.  Indeep Bakshi known for his hit `Saturday Saturday` in an exclusive interview with Kulwinder Kaur speaks briefly about his journey so far.

1) Congrats on your new single "36 Aayengi 36 Jayengi" could you tell us how you planned to sing this song?

Thanks, Nothing was planned …. it just happened, this was a good topic and I thought something creative can be done on it and it's here in front of you.

2) What is the song about?

It is a basic conversation between a boy and a girl on the biggest decision of their life ….. MARRIAGE

3) How long did it take to complete?

It just took 5 days

4) Who is your target audience for the new song?

Seeing the video it looks like 18-24, but the song targets moms as well.

5) After your phenomenal success of ‘Saturday Saturday’, do you feel that your fans will be expecting something similar, vibrant, and energetic?

Yes and I think it has been delivered

6) Do you feel that ‘Saturday Saturday’ has helped you reach a good platform and made you aware amongst your fans worldwide?

There cannot be any better platform than ‘Saturday Saturday’, it has given me recognition worldwide.

7) How did the composition of the song ‘Saturday Saturday’ come about?

Saturday was a tease for a girlfriend which converted into a huge song. The song was actually an experiment with the hip-hop style. I am young and wanted to try out different genres in music. It so happened that the response was extremely positive after this song.

8) You are versatile, you sing in Punjabi and Hindi, Are you planning on singing for Bollywood?

Yes I have already given 5 songs to Bollywood which are planned to release this year, one song TERE LIYE is releasing on 20 March in the movie Dilli Wali Zaalim Girlfriend.

9) You are an architect by profession so how did you get involved in music?

Architecture is my profession but music is my passion.

10) Did you take any lessons in singing?

Yes I did learn music from my guruji Ankit Thripati after I composed the song 'Saturday Saturday'.

11) What are we expecting from Indeep in the year 2015?

Music Music and more music

12) What would you like to say to the readers and fans of Simply Bhangra?

Keep up the good work promoting Music SimplyBhangra, thank you to all my fans for supporting me, loads more to come this year.

Interviewed by Kulwinder Kaur Kainth

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