Exclusive 'Romeo Ranjha' Interview with Jazzy B!

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The crown prince of Bhangra Jazzy B, not only a well known singer but now an actor is set to be seen in his new upcoming film Romeo Ranjha. The film was shot in Australia alongside Garry Sandhu who we see on the silver screen for the first time.

So to begin with tell us are you Romeo or Ranjha?

I'm Romeo

Why did you sign up to Romeo Ranjha?

Well I liked the script, the director Navaniat Singh and I are good friends. We have been discussing that we will do something different for a while and finally Dheeraj Ratan wrote the concept so I like it. I think it is the first Punjabi film with a lot of action in it. We got the guy from the film Dhoom, Allan Amin who done the action production.

It is Garry Sandhu's duet in a film, what was it like to work with him as a co-artist?

Its Garry's first movie obviously he was a bit nervous, but we made sure to meet up a couple of days before we began working, in where I told him to just be yourself. The chemistry is really important for any artists who are working together. So we made sure we had that which allowed both of us to be comfortable. And when he wasn't comfortable I would tell him to do it this way, that way. So we were helping each other out.

I've heard all your songs from Romeo Ranjha and the song Jugnu is one of my favourites, it is very catchy but what is the meaning of the word 'Jugnu'?

Thank you, Jugnu is a fly, which lights up whilst it flies. In India it's a traditional insect which comes out during the Harvest season. So at night when it flies it glows so that is called a Jugnu. So obviously in the song, I am comparing the girl's eyes which are sparkling and glowing as a Jugnu. It is a very traditional word.

The trailer to the film consists of many stunts which look very dangerous and intense. I know you and Garry did the actual stunts. Were you scared whilst shooting these scenes? How did you feel about the idea of actually performing the stunts?

Well actually we had a choice; there was an option for somebody else to do our stunts. But we chose to do it ourselves. It was a good experience, we got to learn. But they were dangerous stunts such as jumping from very high buildings. Especially the Jet Ski incident, in which it flipped over as we were performing the stunt, so luckily we had a life jacket in our backpack's. So it was quite dangerous but it was a great experience in which I really enjoyed it.

So did you hurt yourself?

Yeah I did get hurt. There was this stunt which we did in India. In where we were jumping and when we landed we landed so hard on our feet that we flipped over. Garry got hit; someone else got hit in the face. But you know these things happen, it is part of the job I guess. But at the end of the day we got a really, really good film on our hands.

So during the making of the film what was the best moment you had?

The best moment has to be for me was working with Yograj Singh Ji. I've grown watching his movies he is a big star. The first thing I did before starting the film was touched his feet. Told him how honoured I was to be working with him. Like when he comes on the screen it is just like the scene is so powerful, he doesn't even have to say anything. It was fun working with him.

That's great, and what was the challenging scene?

The challenging scene was which you've probably seen in the promos, was where four of us were hanging on a building upside down. So we had to do this for at least half an hour. We had to deliver our dialogues, so it was like ohh ok this is hard and difficult. Our legs were kind of numb as well as our hands. Like the rest of the film was fine, jumping of buildings wasn't that bad because we knew we were going down and we had protection on the ground. However, the hanging and dialogue delivery was the hardest.

It took just over a month to shoot the movie, how much pressure is it to complete a film in such a short time, as well as managing your singing and personal life?

Well it took us about 40 days to shoot and on top of that the dubbing was 5/6 days. I mean singing is my first priority so when I signed this movie I made sure that I didn't have to cancel any shows or weddings. So we fixed the shooting days according to my schedule.

The name of the film seems quite comic. But it is an action. Without giving much away what is Romeo Ranjha about?

It's a film of two people who con others. It is shot in Thailand and India. It's a new kind of concept for the Punjabi industry. It's a family based film, and is a complete package.

Many singers are now entering the Punjabi film industry. You yourself have had a success in both fields. What's your view on this is it necessary or are you doing it to add to the growing industry?

I love singing it is my first priority, it is my passion. However, I think now for every artist that is now the next step, getting on the big screen. So I'm glad I got this opportunity it is another door which has opened for me. For me it is taking it to a different level. For me I am happy and I am really enjoying it, but I won't overdo it, as with my music.

So it's more like quality over quantity?

Defiantly, I take my time. For me I have to like the script, it is not how many I can do in a space of time or money.

You are known for your swag around the world, were you able to have control over the outfits during the film?

Yeah defiantly, everything was finalised. We sat down and spoke about it all, you have to agree with the director but I could switch it around so I could have my style, whether that was the hair or the hats.

How different or similar are you from the character in reality?

Well I'm definetly not a con artist in real life. You will different shades of me in there.

Was it hard to get into the character of Romeo, or was it easy and adaptable?

Our director Navaniat Singh is so good at it, that he made sure that we got the whole script in our hands a month before the shooting was going to commence. This allowed use to prepare and know our dialogues before, so that we knew what was happening and had the chance to read the entire script. Therefore, it wasn't hard.

So apart from your new release of Romeo Ranjha, what else do you have planned this year?

I have another collaboration coming with Sukhshinder Shinda paaji for his upcoming albumCcollaborations 3. Some videos as well as working with Yo Yo Honey Singh for his upcoming Punjabi film with some songs. As well as couple of songs in Hindi films.

Why should the audience watch Romeo Ranjha?

First of all England is the place who gave me a statement, a name around the world. So for the people out there I would want them to go and support me and Garry to go and watch this movie. It's a family packed film it has comedy in it, action romance, drama songs targeted to all generations.

Romeo Ranjha is a new and unique concept within the Punjabi industry. We have all worked very hard on it from the camera man to the spot man to us actors. The only way it will pay off is if you guys go and support it. Time and money has been spent and we want people to go out and support it to make it successful. For my fans go and watch this movie and let's take Punjabi cinema to a different level. Make sure you catch it on May 16th. Support Romeo Ranjha and your very own Jazzy B!

Lastly I would like to wish you all the best and success for Romeo Ranjha.

Thank you

Romeo Ranjha is out now across Cinemas worldwide!

Interviewed by Kulwinder Kaur Kainth


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The movie ok, over hyped
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Loved the movie both artists did very well. But diljit is in a another level

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