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Exclusive 'USR' Interview





"Unique Soundz Roadshow also abbreviated to USR", tell us more about this, why the name and what made you want to start working on your own project? 


Unique Soundz Roadshow is basically what it says, we’re a DJ roadshow service that provides entertainment to all those having a function, whether it be wedding receptions, night before, birthdays, anniversaries etc. So we setup our gear, entertain and ensure everyone had a good time. The name just came naturally really, the boys were sitting around trying to work out a name that described us as people, as entertainers and as a roadshow, and so Unique it was. The reason why I started work on the album was because it’s always been a lifelong dream to do something like this, and it could not have come at a better time due with roadshow setup, so looking at it on a promotional side, via the Roadshow we promote the Album, and via the album, were promotion the Roadshow.


With studio sessions in the UK and India, the album took over 18 months for the final product to be ready, tell us about this, why so long? 


Reason behind this is that the worst possible thing that can happen to you as an artist is to be insulted because you’ve got a “crap” album, and knowing that these insults are 100% correct. Therefore I ensured that I release this album when it’s ready. Another major factor why it took so long is because I was learning at the same time, at the start I was at the bottom of the ladder, now I have climbed a few steps and still climbing... other issues revolved around Time, Uni commitment, and also getting the right vocalist for the right lyrics which is the longest process...


You were part of the Punjabi Outlawz few years ago and you have moved on a lot since than. For the so many aspiring individuals wishing to enter the industry, any messages for them?  


So many people say that the industry is filled with wannabe DJs and producers, what I would say to that and answering your question same time is that the major problem with this industry is that only a minority have actually bought a pair of decks, or Cubase software for example and learnt what they need to do, we need this minority figure to turn to a majority and produce better results. I myself was an aspiring individual, and I built on top of that and tried to do build up hence why iv managed to setup the roadshow, and produce a Music album, so I would wish everyone else equal amount of love and support and push them to do it.


Chocolate Fountains at a much discounted price, what is this all about and why free?? 


Chocolate fountains are another form of service we provide, and works well with the promotion side. Were able to offer chocolate fountains at a discounted price, and free with selected packages because we actually have a separate business with them. Due to us not having to hire them out, we have no break even point with them, so we can offer them at whatever cost or non cost we want. This is the same with the DJ RIG, we own all the equipment, and because we purchased all the best of the market gear when we started, we again can offer competitive pricing, with the Industry standard Rig.


Who are your role models or mentors? Why? 


As a DJ, my role models are anyone who DJ. Boring statement I know, but its looking at these guys and watching their mixes, blends, cuts, scratches etc, I started to adapt, and learn at the same time. As a producer it’s the true producers who have personality and obviously the talent via music.


You are introduced to someone at a party.  Describe what you do in two or three sentences. 


If it's somebody of the opposite sex then the conversation will differ, I am joking!.. lol I’d Say “Hi, I am Nicku from Unique Soundz Roadshow, were a leading mobile disco service providing entertainment at functions in the UK and international also. We’re on the verge of releasing our Music Album which includes great songs by Angrez Ali, Surinder Shinda etc.. Its out on 7th May, make sure you buy your copy at just 5pounds. (A failed chat up line lol)


Who or what would you consider are your most inspiring musical influences? 


As mentioned above, I admire all the artists in any field, as they have obviously learnt their trade, and doing their thing. A special influence I believe is with those who are not only great artists musically, but have an even greater personality. It’s hard to believe by seeing, but when you have come across individuals in this game, you’d realise how much of a pity it is seeing fake people, haters, liars etc. If I was to select 1 out of everyone I would say Gurdas Mann, as seen on TV he has such a calm, and loving personality, and I have actually spent time with him off screen and he is the same person, so big thumbs up to individuals like that who have achieved so much, and is loved by so many, and still is the same person.


What musician, song, book, TV show, movie or play produced in the last year has been most inspiring to you, either personally or professionally? 


Without a doubt my answer to this question is the Bollywood movie “Rang de basanti” Now anyone who has seen this movie will know what I am talking about. This film literally had me sitting their in the cinema eyes glued from start to finish and its so touching at the same time. The storyline, cast, scripts, music etc everything was just perfect and I left the cinema stunned by the excellence of the movie. I wont go into the storyline for those who haven’t seen this film, but I would 100% recommend this film to everyone, as it will give you this strong feeling that you want to do something with your life.


Do you believe that lack of distribution from getting UK artists out abroad into India/America/Canada causes bootleg issues with albums they cannot purchase locally? 


I haven’t been in this industry long enough to know the pattern of sales, but It does make sense what you said because if they like a song, and its not available to buy from where they live, and co-incidentally its available on the internet for free, it does appeal to download. In regards to the USR album, later on this week we are setting up Pre-Order, that basically means that you can purchase the CD for 5pounds, or the equivalent in Rupees, Dollars, and will receive a copy of the album direct to your door step within 1-2 days, so despite where you live, you can get the album ;)


What's your most embarrassing moment while playing live? 


Erm, at this moment in time I cant remember any embarrassing moments whilst DJing live, but once when we was DJing at a party and the venue management turn off the electricity from behind by accident, that is a horrible moment, because you have a full crowd and then the venue goes completely dark with a full dance floor, but the problem was rectified within about 10 seconds so thank god for that lol.


What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?


I think everyday as it comes, I am achieving something and it’s really overwhelming because it’s being rewarded for the hard work I have put in over the years. I am 22 years old and in the time I have been here, I have managed to DJ in all the major clubs/Venues in the UK and Internationally around Europe and India, I have had hundreds of emails of different people asking for help, giving me love, or simply asking to collab, that for me if an achievement, I have had my tracks of the album being spun on major Radio stations.  To others, it may not be so big, but to me as an individual, it’s a great achievement, and I hope I don’t stop here.


Looks like an exciting year ahead for you. What do you think is the best and worst thing about being in the music scene/business?


Best – Being recognised for my music and be able to share it, people listening and bopping their heads to my music is one of the best thing.  Unfortunately I have encountered so much hate/jealousy and knock backs. The industry is filled with fake people and haters. It’s a shame really and that’s the ugly side I have seen to this industry, and have only come across a handful of people who genuinely are nice and true.  Hence why I try and keep club gigs to a minimum, and keep my Roadshow work as my main priority.


If you had the opportunity to repeat the last five years, what might you do differently and why?


Concentrate more at Uni than I actually did, why? It goes without saying :S


A final message to all the readers of SimplyBhangra?


Firstly like to big up the Simply Bhangra team who have taken time out to prepare the interview for us, so really thankful for that. Secondly, the public who have supported us in the pre-release of the album. On this note, I would like to request everyone to please carry on supporting us, and showing the love. The album is out on the 7th May, and is available to pre-order from later this week, keep locked to for more info. The video which is done for the tracks Jatt Shrabi and Udham Singh is scheduled to hit the screens this week also, so look out for that. Again thanks for SB for the interview, and thank you for reading and getting to know us. Hopefully we can see each other soon at one of our DJs. You can contact us via the website at, alternatively via Nicku :)




That concludes the interview, firstly a big thanks to USR for taking some time out to do the interview. The album is due out on the 7th May 2007, so make sure you check it out when it is released as it promises to be one top album. Make sure you grab your copy at £5 RRP!