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Exclusive 'Panjabi By Nature' Interview

 Bhangra producer Panjabi By Nature, who over the past 4 years has brought us some of the biggest dancefloor anthems to hit bhangra, his now back with a brand new compilation album 'Jaan Punjabi' which he has exclusively produced four tracks for.


Firstly, for those who don't know about the term Panjabi By Nature, please shed sum light on it?


Panjabi By Nature (PBN) is the name I use for my work as a music producer.  The name was suggested to me when I was in college by a fellow colleague, I’ve used it ever since.  I have found that a lot of people can relate to the name as it does signify being Panjabi after all. 



 Tell us a little about the new compilation album ‘Jaan Punjabi’.

Jaan Panjabi is a new compilation album releasing on Limitless Records.  It features 4 exclusive tracks produced by myself including the title track for the album Jaan Panjabi.  The album features collaborations with the likes of Offlicence, Dippa Dosanjh, Lembher Hussainpuri and Sanjay Dhaliwal.  It also features productions from newcomers J-Vybe, Red 1, Dj Rix and Karam Sandhu.



The new song 'Jaan Punjabi' features Off Licence & a new vocalist Charanji Channi, how did you manage to hook up with these guys and can you tell us a little more about them?


Charanjeet Channi is a new vocalist from Punjab.  I managed to hook up with him through one of my songwriters (Tari Banwalipuria).  I initially had recorded him for my solo album which is out towards the end of the year, however, after hearing him sing Jaan Panjabi I decided that it should be released as soon as possible.  He is defo going to make some noise in 2007 and will be featuring on my solo album.

Offlicence are UK based Desi Music Collective which features rappers Lexeye, Projay and singer Sunny J as well as in house producers J-Vybe and Red 1.  I have worked with Offlicence in the past and decided to collaborate with them once again on the track Jaan Panjabi.  Lexeye himself features on the track. Offlicence also have 2 other songs on the album – Mere Naal Gal Kar and Put Sardar Da.

 What do you have to say to those critics who claim that your style of production is very similar on most of your songs, and that you fail to try to and be different from the rest?

For the minority of people who think that all I can say is why change something that has worked so well for me?  These so called critics do not speak about all of my productions but more about the songs that are doing really well.  If anyone was to listen to my back catalogue I’m sure they will see versatility through and through.

My style is what has put me on the bhangra map and I don’t see djs/consumers complaining when my songs are played.  Nain Preeto De, Gal Ban Gayee, Nachdi and Aaj Me Peeni and more recently Jaan Panjabi are songs that have done really well for me as an artist, all of those songs have enjoyed success so I see no reason for me to lose my production style and start changing things.  I do still experiment with my music and you can hear that on my other songs such as Dil Ney Lagda (another new song featured on Jaan Panjabi – The Album).

After the success of Setting the standard, how did you feel 'Ready or Not' did for you in terms of both sales and pushing the PBN name?

Settin the Standard was by far the highlight of music career and after releasing songs such as Nain Preeto De and Nachdi I did have to come back strong.  Aaj Me Peeni, which featured on the Ready or Not album managed to do that for me.  The song became a worldwide hit, especially in Canada and UK and the song still gets repeat play today.  So in terms of pushing the PBN name, Ready or Not definitely did.


Do you play any instruments on your tracks yourself?

I play keyboards and the baja.  I tend to play these instruments on the majority of my work.  I also dabble in the tumbi but I wouldn’t say I am the master of it.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say, Ghost Production?

Haha.  First thing that comes to my mind is young kids wanting fame and paying X, Y or Z to produce an album for them while they pretend they know everything about music lol.

If you weren't a producer, what would you have done for a living?

I’m pretty sure I would still be in the music industry.  Maybe behind the scenes such as working as a sound engineer or maybe even working in the media (radio, Tv).




The Limitless label has a strong vocal backing, who are some of the vocalists that are signed to your label? Any plans for a Sanjay Dhaliwal solo release?

Limitless continue to work with established and un-known singers.  Dippa Dosanjh is one of the labels in house vocalists and we are getting ready to release his official solo album in the coming months. 

There are currently no plans for a solo album for Sanjay Dhaliwal but I’m sure his vocals will still feature on future releases.



 I hear you guys are ready to release up to 10 albums this year? How did this come about considering that Limitless have never released more than 2 albums a year.

Limitless Records have always released quality not quantity.  Whether or not we release the full 10 this year is not yet certain.  There are a number of new singers who are releasing their solo albums with Limitless as well as Dippa Dosanjh, Jaan Panjabi and my own album.  There are also two new producers signed to the camp who should be releasing this year.

 Breaking into the Mainstream Market, what are your thoughts about this?

I have no plans to break through into the mainstream.  If the opportunity came I would definitely not turn it down but at the moment I am more than happy being in the Asian music industry.

 If you had the opportunity to go back to day one of PBN, what might you do differently and why?

I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.  PBN as a name and artist has come from strength to strength over the past five years and every year has been a positive look.  I would have liked to maybe have worked on a few albums for other singers but I am managing to that now so all is good.

What was the last Bhangra album you purchased and what would you rate it out of 10?

The last bhangra album I purchased was Collaborations by Sukhshinder Shinda and I would rate it 8/10.  Some of the songs on that album were fantastic such as the Gurdass Maan/Abrar Ul Haq/Shinda collabo.  It was nice to see so many duets from well known singers on the one album.




What's your most embarrassing moment whilst playing live?

My most embarrassing moment was probably a daytimer in Midlands.  The gig was rammed but the equipment at the club was terrible.  One of the Cd players was continuously jamming so I had to rely on one cd player – And that is impossible. lol Luckily it starting jamming towards the end of my set so it was the next DJ who had problems.

 Finally, what can we expect from PBN in the coming year regarding albums/singles etc.

Well Jaan Panjabi has just been released so I am busy promoting my tracks of that.  After that we are releasing Dippa Dosanjh the solo album.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will be releasing my official album and let’s just say it will surprise a few people in terms of the vocalists and production style on the album.  Trust Me!!

A final message to all the readers of SimplyBhangra?

Thanks to all the PBN fans, you guys are what keep PBN releasing albums.  Make sure you buy your copy of Jaan Panjabi and look forward to my future releases.

Big up Simplybhangra for reppin the music industry!! Peace.