Catching Up with Gugu Raipuria

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North America’s talent is definitely growing in the music industry and we caught up with Toronto’s own Gugu Raipuria who is set to release a few exciting projects in 2012.

First off, Congratulations on the recent release of your religious single ‘Baba Nanak- a true story’ which was beautifully done. Tell us how this religious project came about.

Thank you very much. I’ve always wanted to create a dharmik project and with this single, I was blessed enough to have that dream come true. Jindu Khaira who is such an amazing lyricist created this beautiful hymn and Randy J just did a phenomenal job on the music. I am very proud of the overall product.

The single was released to coincide the birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, how important was that for you?

It was extremely important. Once the video was complete and was set to release, things were looking good up until my family suffered a tragedy as my Masi Ji sadly past away from illness. At first I wanted to cancel the whole project and release it in the New Year’s but my family wanted me to go with the original plan. Being a religious song, it was more of a blessing to have it released on the special day. That is why I had dedicated the single to my late Masi Ji.

Randy J is an upcoming producer who has created a buzz with his music recently; what is your take on working with him?

Randy is a very talented producer. At such a young age, he is gifted of playing so many instruments. Just this past year, he had released Notorious Jatt that just quickly gained so much fame, but what people may not know is the skill he truly has. He’s played live with international stars such as Miss Pooja, Satinder Sartaj and the late Soni Pabla; so he definitely has the inside mind of a true musician. His new album is ready to be released and I am sure all the listeners will enjoy it, as the tracks are simply amazing.

After receiving great response from this single, what are some of the things the listeners can expect from Gugu Raipuria in 2012?

There are a lot of new projects I am working on. I have a couple of tracks with Randy J coming this year including a new track ‘Akhan Naal Akh’ that will feature on his album. There’s also my third official solo single ‘Kaun Raukhda’ that will be released in the summer.

Will you continue to release more religious music?

Definitely. Jindu Khaira and I are putting together ideas for our next projects that do include more religious offerings and hopefully 2012 will see more of it.

With North America stepping up into the bhangra mainstream, do you feel the pressure of competition as many artists are growing in the industry?

No. This is passion for me not a winning contest. Every artist in this industry whether being local or international; I consider all of them being better than me. I do this because I enjoy making music and if you like it, that’s great but if you don’t, well there are at least a million other singers in the industry to listen to them. If I were in this for the fame, I wouldn’t have made my second single a religious one.

Sadly to say, most religious tracks don’t get the right recognition deserved, as youngsters prefer listening more to urban/bhangra sounds. But I am not in this to gain fame; to me this is all passion.

You mentioned in your last interview that you consider Jazzy B your idol, how did it feel when you heard about the passing of folk legend Kuldip Manak who was the inspiration to Jazzy B as well as so many others?

Words can’t describe what Late Kuldip Manak accomplished in the music industry. His music was evergreen and his legacy will live on forever. I looked up to Jazzy B as my idol in the music scene but to see the help and love he has shown the Manak family throughout this difficult time; I just have so much more respect for him.

My only wish is that Yudhvir Manak fully recovers and gets healthy again. May Waheguru bless the Manak family.

The last Question, undoubtedly the most important question; a lot of listeners who have tuned into your material are wondering when will your debut album be released?

Hopefully soon! I do have a few singles coming out this year but I am gathering lyrics for my solo album that I hope to begin on sometime later this year and try to have it out sometime in 2013. But everything is in God’s hands and whatever is meant to be will happen.

Any last words for the viewers of simplybhangra?

Big thank you to Simplybhangra who have helped promote my music; and respect to all the listeners who have supported my name. Watch out for Randy J’s debut album coming very soon! Also watch out for my third single Kaun Raukhda coming in the summer 2012. Continue to listen & keep your culture alive! Stay Blessed

Peace out!