Catching Up With Jay Sean

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The black doors swung open, the room lit up, followed by an elated cheer - Jay Sean one of the biggest names in r n b and hip hop had entered the building!

Our very own London super star sensation is back in the UK, ready, set and energized to hit the stage on tour!

Jay exclaims the concert is going “to be amazing definitely the best thing I will ever do”. If that’s not exciting enough, he states he has plenty more tricks up his sleeve for his up and coming album!

His presence embraced the room with his exultant personality, lovable charm and witty sense of humour! The British/Asian superstar first hit to fame by triumphing his way into the UK 2003 charts with the colossal hit ‘dance with you’  trailed by  the smash hit records ‘eyes on you’ and ‘stolen’ featured in his ‘me against myself’ album selling over two million copies across Asia.

It was official…Jay Sean had captured our hearts!

He made an impressive comeback in 2008, where he streamed back to the charts with the incredible r n b hit spectacle ‘ride it’ followed by ‘maybe’ and ‘tonight’. His phenomenal album ‘my own way’ became his most victorious album on the UK album chart.

The unstoppable pop star chased his ambition to America, where in 2009 he stormed to the charts collaborating with world renown rap artist Lil Wayne, the song was such a success it became  ‘the seventh best selling song of 2009’. He’s grown to be the first South Asian UK act to top the billboard top 100- wow what an achievement! Proud fans were ecstatic, backing him even further leading his song ‘do you remember’ ‘2012’ ‘hit the lights’ featuring collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Sean Paul plus Lil Wayne all reaching in the top 20 UK charts.

Without a doubt, after meeting Jay Sean we can safely say he seems genuine; down to earth thus embodies an extremely friendly, warm and sociable personality!

Jay Sean Interview…

Other artists, whom have been so successful like Robbie Williams, and  for so long have tried to crack the American public, but have failed to do so, why do you think you have succeeded where others have failed?

Well, I don’t know, I’ve been asked this question a lot but I have to say there is no specific formula to it, I’m just glad that they’ve liked my music, because as soon as they listen to something, they like, they’ll be wanting to know when the next song of mind is out and follow me.

What do your family think of your career? Do you have their full support?

Yeh of course I do, I have got really modern parents to be honest, they told two things that are the most important decisions in life is career and marriage, which shouldn’t be decided for you. When I’m 50 I don’t want to be in a career I hate and married to a woman I don’t even like. That’s the best advice I’ve ever been given.

Do you think now that you’re making music in America, you don’t have as much influence on your own music?

No definitely not if anything I have managed to embrace it even more, because what song that made it in America for me was ‘ride it’ and that was the song which cash money records really liked so basically they told me to carry on how I am and to make sure I keep on doing what I want to do.

Out of all the artists such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Sean Paul, Alseha Dixon, Tinee Tempah and many more who was the best one to work with?

Well, I can’t really say one, there all so different to be honest like working with Sean Paul was amazing he’s just such as cool guy, then you’ve got Nicki Minaj who is it just so crazy, colourful and out there she was sick to work with.

Do you ever think you will go into producing?

Well I do have a lot of own influence and control over the music I make already, all, my music from the beginning and now cash records I help produce, but yeh in the future possibly.

Did you ever think you would be this successful?

No I didn’t, well not ever but to have made it in America is amazing, I do think and look at how far I have come.

Do you still keep in touch with everyone like Richi Rich and Juggy D?

Yeh of course I do, it’s so good as soon as I’m back here, we all meet up and go out in loads of different places in London I’ve kept in touch with my friends for like 11, 12 years so it’s really good. I’m here just before Christmas so will celebrate it with my family well a whole fake Christmas, fake dinner and everything.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Well I think some of the greatest artists are Madonna and Michael Jackson like if you look at them both they’ve changed with the times and that’s what has kept them able to stay so successful in the music industry. If you look at Michal Jackson’s song from Billie Jean to money there both so different. So if you look at my music it has changed.

Do you think your decision to change from Punjabi music to R&B was the best one you made?

Well I’ve always be an R&B soul boy, I just think you need to move with the times, like now there is a lot of dance music, like dub step for example so whatever people want and how the industry changes I will change with it and basically give people what they want.

Being an artist, you have to keep evolving from the popular music type’s ride it was pure rnb where rnb was extremely popular back then now it's all about dance music so my music is focused towards this.

Whatever the trend...I can do it!

What would you tell fans to expect from your concert?

Well it’s going to be amazing definitely the best thing I’ve ever done, it so different to anything I’ve done before! It has got new songs as well, full if lights, music dancing it’s just going to such a good show so you definitely come along and see it, yeh you can’t miss out on it. (London HMV Hammersmith Apollo – 5th December / Glasgow O2 ABC - 7th December / Birmingham O2 Academy – 8th December)

Are there any artists that you would want to work with in the future?

Yeh of course there is a long list, so many people, there some in the new songs.

Oh are there?

Hmm. He just responded with silence, very secretive, so you will have to buy the new album, freeze time, to find out who will be featuring with Jay Sean on his new sure to be successful hits…

In closing, what would you like to say to the readers?

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I have amazing fans and I’m just really grateful to them for all of their support! They always have my back. Be sure to catch up with me on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter!

Interview done by's Monika Plaha and Navdeep Bains.

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