Catching Up with DJ Sat Singh

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Fresh from releasing his second single; caught up with young producer 'DJ Sat Singh' to talk about his career so far, and his new single 'Note' which features a trio of great vocalists.

Introduce yourself to the world

Hello world! I’m DJ Sat Singh. I am a club/events/wedding DJ with a passion to make Pure Desi music for all Bhangra lovers to enjoy!

The Bhangra scene is Dominated by DJs, what would you say sets you apart from the other numerous DJs that have released music?

Well there is only a certain amount of individuality you can bring into the scene especially when your doing Bhangra music, however, as I have just recently entered the scene I have been experimenting with my music, I am a music lover and love listening from new comers to old school legends and I am aiming incorporate the more traditional and cultural aspects to my music.

You have a diploma in music under your belt, what areas of music did you feel you learnt whilst studying this course? Would you recommend others?

A music diploma is very handy and vital when it comes to music making as it teaches you the ins and outs of music technology so yes I would recommend all music enthusiasts to have some sort of music related course, there is a lot to learn. The diploma itself was very diverse and traditional western styles of music such as Jazz and classical music, I learnt the basics in music such as music writing and learning of other musicians and also had training in how to use programs and keyboard to make music technically, me personally being a Bhangra enthusiast was keen in infusing my ideas into my work.

As a newcomer you found yourself working with Ashok Gill, how did this come about?

I count myself as being very lucky to work with Ashok Gill, He has done some amazing work in his career, I was lucky to know him through family therefore had a great opportunity to work with him with ‘Glassi’.

Your debut single ‘Glassi’ came out in late 2010 to the new release ‘Note’, you’ve gone for more traditional desi outlook, what was the thinking behind this?

Even though ‘Glassi’ was picturised in a more modern or “standard” setting the idea was that the song it self was a Desi fusion, which is something I incorporated a lot in my diploma therefore my first attempt at producing a track was something

I got my friends from different musical backgrounds involved such as Static from Gridlocked who rapped in the song. However, my core aim and ambition was to produce a track that would be family friendly and traditional, something everyone (people of all ages) can sit together to watch, which is why I planned out and worked harder towards ‘Note’ to achieve this, I worked with some amazing vocalists Balvir Douba, G. Sharmilla and Sudesh Kumari.

As a relative newcomer, what do you think you have learnt in the last 9 months from entering the scene and releasing new singles. Is there anything you would go back and change?

I have made progression musically in this past 9 months, I’m not saying I have perfected but I have improved and I am still learning, and will continue to learn to better myself. I wouldn’t go back to change anything, I can’t go back, what’s happened has happened, I have left it in the past and brought the goodness into the present and I am concentrating and working towards the future.

You’re signed to SC Productions Ent, do you think there’s a lack of labels in the industry willing to invest in young new talent?

SC Productions does exactly that, SC is open to discovering new talent and investing in new young talent, this is not just Bhangra talent but SC likes working with diverse music personalities whether it’s Bollywood, RnB to anything that is possible, for some labels this could be hard because they already have their experienced and much loved talent and are busy on developing them further but there definitely are record labels out there that scout out new talent such as Tru Skool and Rishi Rich Productions who train, support and teach their new talent as students and better them to a immaculate standard.

Are there plans for DJ Sat Singh’s Album in the future or are you concentrating on singles?

There definitely is a album in the pipeline for the very near future so please do look out for the album.

What are your views on the Singles Vs Albums argument?

I am all for releasing singles, it’s a tease factor for the rest of the album, If you have one track that you have made best to your ability then why wait to release it? I believe in having a standard in quality rather than quantity so albums should only be released if the producer is sure that it is going to do some damage so I’d personally wait to release an album and release a couple of singles for audience reaction.

Do you have a set vision for your music, a direction that you’ll like to take your music into, or are you taking every song at a time?

My vision is to stick to my cultural roots and traditions with Bhangra Music, ofcourse, everyone likes to experiment to an extent with their sound and I wouldn’t hesitate to either. I do have ideas and plans for my music however there is improvisation in my music as I do get last moment or random ideas that I like to work with.

What can we expect from DJ Sat Singh in the next 6 months?

God Willing, I would love to release the album hopefully, however for now there’s a lot to do to accomplish that so for now, only the future knows what it beholds.

A final message to Simply Bhangra readers:

Thank you for taking your time to read my interview, keep it locked with Simply Bhangra for the best in Bhangra music and stay blessed.


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