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Nishawn Bhullar who has already set his marker with recent hits from the controversial lyrics of ‘Bhagat Singh’ and ‘Hostel’ from the ‘Hyper’ album by Popsy, we caught up him on his recent trip to the UK to bring you this exclusive interview.

1. Tell us about your background, were where you brought up & what’s your hometown?

Well I am originally from Rajasthan, but then went over to Punjab at a young age. I was then bought up by my family in Punjab and here I am today. They say that the upbringing of a person is what makes a person so I am grateful for the god providing me a loving and caring family.

2. Growing up, how did you first get into music? What were you listening to on the radio and who were your inspirations?

I grew up with a desire of music; I first took the step of learning music by being taught by Tadees in Punjab. From there I served them while they taught me and blessed me with their talent. I am very fortunate to have such dedication from them and as well as having their support.

I grew up listening to many artists’ who inspired me to do what I do for example Chamkila, Kuldeep Manak, Gurdass Mann, Mohammed Sadiq, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar but to name a few. I have also been greatly influenced by the like of UK Jazzy B and Sukshinder Shinda.

At the end of the day the roots makes the branches so listening to artists like these is a true blessing for my inspiration.

3. You broke onto the scene in 2010 alongside Honey Singh, how did you hook up with Honey Singh and what do you think of his impact to the Punjabi music scene as a whole?

Well I got in contact with Honey Singh through mutual friends. I decided to put my vocals into actions and produce an album. At the time we had no financial investment but some how with gods blessing like they say where there’s a will there is a way. So the album ‘folkstar’ was produced by Honey. Honey Singh has a unique sound which gave a new flavour.

4. You’re most commonly known for the song ‘Bhagat Singh’ which some people may think had controversial lyrics. Was this song personal to you, and what response did it get in Punjab and India as a whole, considering the strong political element attached to the song.

Well basically the concept of the song was no intended controversy it was a personal thing. This is because for every success there should be recognition and for this reason having a photo on currency is a very big achievement and for this purpose was the message I was trying to bring.

It was a very important thing to show the importance of bhagat Singh and I respect Honey for following through with this.

5. More recently you featured on the hit album ‘Hyper’ by Popsy, with the song ‘Hostel’, how did you team up with Popsy?

Well working with Popsy was a massive achievement for me and a well and truly a blessing as he is a well known and respected producer. He is very versatile and as well as being talented he is a brilliant guy to be around his music imitates his personality.

I was blessed in being on the album once again through my dear friend Juggy from tingling. I gave the concept of the song to Popsy he liked it and from there on we have Hostel. (WATCH VIDEO)

6. We hear Popsy is now producing your next solo album, what kind of style can we expect from that, and any news on when it will be releasing?

There are still thing coming through the pipeline with Popsy as still working on song selection and concept etc. Well what style can I say, Popsy has a unique style but let put it this way with Popsy behind the music it will be something out of this world.

As we haven’t thought of a concept and things are in pipeline a release date is in the distance. We’re also hoping to get other producers on board also yet to be signed for my new album. Popsy will be managing me worldwide and the working closely with my album.

I feel lucky to be part of a genuine Music family.

7. A lot of people compare the UK Bhangra scene to the Punjab scene, how do you think they compare to each other musically? Is the UK sound appreciated in Punjab?

The UK sound is most definitely appreciated in Punjab looking at artists like Sukshinder Shinda and Jazzy B. Also Popsy’s song Feem from larger then life does not stop playing at any event you go to the DJ has this request numerous times.

Both Punjab sound is appreciated in the UK and UK sound is appreciated in Punjab this is because no matter what country we go to we’re all desi’s.

8. You’ve been in the UK for a few weeks now and you were at the massive ‘Kings of Kings’ gig in Leicester, how do you find these types of events to what you may find in India?

Well, that was most certainly a successful event. The events in India show love for bhangra music as do UK events so at the end of the day it doesn’t matter where the event is all you need is love and appreciation from the fans.

Performing without live musicians is certainly a shock to the system as most performances are all live in Punjab. But the atmosphere in the UK is great

9. What can we expect from Nishawn Bhullar in the next 12 months, do you have any features on upcoming albums?

Well you can expect a single to be release soon, also working on a couple of songs for the religious album that Popsy ‘the music machine’ is working on. In regards to my album that is yet in the pipeline.

10. Thanks for taking part in the interview, any final words for your fans across the world?

Just like to say a big thank you to all of Europe, Asia, and UK for showing me as much love as you have. Also like to say a very very big thank you to the one and only PoPsY ‘The Music Machine’ for his support and just being who he is. Also a thank you to Ambi Bilga for believing in me and Juggy from tingling for being such a great friend.

Also like to thank my teachers and also the artists that have inspired me throughout my life. And keep up the good work at SimplyBhangra by supporting everyone out there and giving them this platform to be able to show their hard work. Thank you god bless.


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