Exclusive 'Karran Jesbir' Interview

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Listen back to the interview with Karen Jasbir who talks about his latest album, 'Zanjeer-The Game Changer', his previous albums and enjoy some LIVE singing!


{audio}/media/Music/Podcasts/radio interview of karran jesbir.mp3{/audio} Listen to the interview Here

- Questions that were asked -

Your latest album, Zanjeer-The Game Changer is out now on the Jasraj Records, tell us more about this and how it was working with Honey Singh on the project.

Going on to the video now for 'Zanjeer', directed by Rimpy Prince, shows a totally new concept, what was the idea behind this kind of video?

Writing lyrics seems to be an important part of what you are as a artist, you definitely get a feeling that on tracks that you are really into the song and going through the motions when you are singing. Do you feel comfortable singing songs that you don’t necessarily relate to, or had any input towards?

What do you think about the massive influx of so called producers entering the Bhangra scene, with little experience of producing but years of djing experience

Thanks for taking time out to conduct this interview, Any final words for the fans out there?

Zanjeer-The Game Changer got 6 nominations in PTC Music awards 2011. Karran Jesbir quotes, "Thanks alot to all my friends all over globe who appreciated our work & made it to success".



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