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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.50 (1 Vote) managed to catch up with the 'Crown Prince of Bhangra' himself Jazzy B for an exclusive interview! Check it out now!

You’ve been out of the scene for sometime, how does it feel to be back doing your thing?

Jazzy B: Oh it feels great to be back. Although you may say I’ve been away from the screen side of things but still there has been no rest for me, but love it even so. It’s nice to be back and still be appreciated by the fan’s which is why I continue with what I do.

What’s your take on the whole Bhangra industry now, why do you think it hasn’t progressed as much as it should have?

Jazzy B: Well my thoughts on the Bhangra industry are that a lot of talent is still out there to have their break. The main thing that is killing the industry is illegal downloading because a lot of money is invested into creating the product and if people purchase the original that money could be invested to bring new talent to the table as well as having good quality music. Bhangra is being more and more recognised around the globe which is certainly something to be proud of and if your proud of something your should put your heart into it and support the industry.

Sukshinder Shinda produced the ‘Rambo’ album for you; I personally thought it was a great album after Romeo. What was the thinking behind the creating of the Rambo album, was their a particular direction you were aiming for musically?

Jazzy B: Thank you, much appreciated. Obviously there always has to be a direction in life as well as music. Sukshinder Shinda always likes to try something new. This is why he is so recognised and talented, he never fears to experiment, and it always works in his favour. The main thinking behind any concept myself and Shinda bhai work towards we always want to have a new idea something original and fresh. The reason for this is it keeps fans on the edge of their seat to anticipate what the artist is going to come out with next and if it pleases the fans then we can say we did our job

You’ve literally been around the world and back, how big an influence were all the places you’ve seen and the people you’ve met on the sound of your music?

Jazzy B: The places I have been to and stages that I and the band have performed at have always been phenomenal inspiration to my music. When ever we are on stage and the audience is in front of us we all just like to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere. I think this is probably the main influence that I have in the album because I like my music to be enjoyable. So when the crowd listen to the album I like to try and get the same reactions as to the one we get when were on stage. However, also looking at the fans there are young fans and older fans of my music so when I sing certain songs I get a reaction from both age groups so for this reason I try to cater my songs for the wider age ranges to satisfy all fans. So looking at the reactions of the fans makes a big difference to my style of music.

satguru mera

Sukshinder Shinda and you released a Dharmik album; very few artists these days take time out to create such albums, what was your motivation to fit a Dharmik album into your busy schedule?

Jazzy B:The almighty god has always been my motivation in everything I do. Without the almighty looking over me I would be where I am. We should always have faith and belief so we should give back to our community by showing our faith in god. God helps and gives so much we should all never forget our ways and always give back in recognition; the almighty is always looking over us.

Have you ever felt that the extra pressure of delivering high quality vocals sometimes detract from the production side of things?

Jazzy B Delivering quality and precision can be a stressful job sometimes. However, Shinda bhai and Popsy ‘The Music Machine’ may I say are never too quick to releasing anything until they are 110% sure they are happy with it, they are perfectionists. I always work hard in making sure my vocals are perfect as possible as once something is recorded it cannot be undone. So doesn’t matter how long something takes always work to perfection then the after result will speak for itself.

India has now become one of the main markets to crack as an artist, a decline in sales in the UK means that a lot of artists are now looking at India for big sales. Do you make your music with this in mind?

Jazzy B I make my albums to keep the whole world in mind. Reason for this is our culture and Bhangra music is filled with love and talent and the whole world should recognise this, but yes the love and support should start from home.

‘Naag 2' coming of the album by Popsy, ‘Hyper’ has received an amazing response, did you want to make sure that any follow up to the original 'Naag' was a full on desi track and what was the concept behind the video to the track?

Jazzy B: Popsy ‘the music machine’ most certainly has done a brilliant job in bringing a dynamic and vibrant production to the desi style of Naag 2. The first Naag was a traditional desi music production so it would only be right to have the follow up of this to also be traditional desi with the sarangh, dhud, dhol etc. The concept of the video was to also keep it traditionally desi and colourful as well as keeping it appealing to all age groups.

If you had to pick one track from your back catalogue that you feel really pushed you career, which one would you choose?

Jazzy B: Ghugian da Jordha from my own songs, but inspirationally it is ‘Maa Hundhi Eh Maa’ by Ustaad Kuldeep Manak Ji

From the Bhangra/Punjabi music scene right now, either from UK or India, has the potential to become a star?

Jazzy B: Bhangra is loved all over the world already so it’s already a star man. But no there is always room for potential so fans just keep doing what your doing spread the love of Bhangra music.

Will we ever see Jazzy B star in a Punjabi film? Preferably as the villain?

Jazzy B: Villain? I’m a lover man not a hater. The offer has come across to me many times but unless the concept is right there is no point in rushing into it. I don’t like rushing into things, being in a film there would have to be a new idea come across and I would have to feel happy with it. Reason for this is unless I’m not happy with it I wouldn’t expect my fans to be happy with it. So one step at a time.

You’re teacher and idol is Ustaad Kuldeep Manak ji, you last collaborated with him way back on ‘dhol beat dho’ on ‘dhulla’, can you see a future collaboration?

Jazzy B: When ever there is an opportunity to duet with Ustad Kuldeep Manak is a blessing to me most certainly. But I am working on doing a few duet songs just dedicated to my Ustad Kuldeep Manak for his guidance and blessings.

You’ve always set yourself apart from other artists, from your song choice, to hair choice! Do you think artists need to be more original and stand out to maintain longevity?

Jazzy B: Originality is important because it makes who you are. You need to be able to create your identity as an artist but yet maintain your own personal identity. Best thing an artist can do is just be their selves and work hard at what they do. If they work hard the result will be sweet. An artist will last if they work hard and maintain dedication to what they do.

What advice would you give to budding UK born singers in terms of training and learning?

Jazzy B: The advice I can give is believe in yourself, never shy to ask for guidance and always be dedicated to everything you do because love and dedication brings you success. Also always believe in god.

It was rumoured that you and Sukshinder Shinda broke Michael Jackson’s attendance record at wonderland (Toronto), can you confirm this and do you have any exact figures?

Jazzy B: Well it was a great achievement it really was. Michael Jackson is just the king hands down and was a blessing. We had over 66,000 fans attend this concert tour and there was a brilliant vibe on stage and the audience was amazing.

You’ve worked with Sukshinder Shinda throughout your career, there are always people suggesting you should try new producers or different routes, do you think you will do this in the future?

Jazzy B: Well considering Popsy ‘the Music Machine’ is one of my brothers I was more than willing to work with him as he is dedicated to his work and always works to achieve the best as Sukshinder Shinda does. For me dedication, Clarity and quality are very important. Also the originality has to be there. Sukshinder Shinda has always worked on my albums and no doubt is the best but if it feels right to me and only right it may well be an option but Shinda is always my first man. Respect to ‘The Music Man’.

Who in the Bhangra scene do you rate in terms of bringing out good quality music?

Jazzy B: Well I would have to say all artists bring out the best in their own style of music which is what we need. But for me it would have to be Sukshinder Shinda reason being he so hard working in the studio very dedicated and has a natural talent in experimenting with music and creating some thing new every time. He is way ahead of his time.

Thanks for taking time out for the interview. Any final words for your millions (literally) fans and the readers of

Jazzy B: Just like to say thank you to all those people who have helped in making my albums possible. Big thank you to all my boys and band. Respect to Sukshinder Shinda ‘The Music Man’ and Popsy ‘The Music Machine’. Most of all a massive thanks to all my fans for your love and support and may god bless you all and keep up the good work going at SimplyBhangra.

'Naag 2' by Jazzy B is out now from the brand new album by Popsy titled 'Hyper!'

Hyper - Popsy (UK) Hyper - Popsy(USA) Hyper - Popsy(CANADA)



matthew brown
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hairdresser to jazzyb jaz dhami etc follow on face book and twitter @mattleebrown for tips and tricks
0 #8 SANGEET 2011-01-14 13:10
Great Voice no doubt however the one thing
that lets you down is Image
comon son you getting old and the turban image suits you well and a more clean image would be ideal
its 3 yes's from me
Sweety angel
0 #7 Sweety angel 2010-12-03 13:17
soo cute...........
Love ur song....
0 #6 kohli 2010-11-22 23:47
i am your biggest fan jazzy b you make good songs which i love them a lot
0 #5 ---ajay--- 2010-11-22 19:06
Quoting Js:
what about his next album? why didn't u guys ask anything about that?

Jazzy said he is working on a duet project with Kuldeep Manak

"But I am working on doing a few duet songs just dedicated to my Ustad Kuldeep Manak for his guidance and blessings. "
0 #4 Js 2010-11-22 19:02
what about his next album? why didn't u guys ask anything about that?
Manjeet singh.
0 #3 Manjeet singh. 2010-11-22 12:15
Naag 2 was a great track good work jazzy paji. Twadi album Dee wait karda haa. Rab rakha
+1 #2 hardee 2010-11-21 22:29
Good one. Jazzy is down to earth person for sure. LOoking forward his album. Naag 2 after few listens does grow on you.
ravinder singh.
+1 #1 ravinder singh. 2010-11-21 19:11
jazzy is a true artist, nice interview sb, keep pushing the bhangra as it should be god bless

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