Catching up with Deana Uppal

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Deana Uppal

Monika & Aman from recently caught up with UK based Asian model Deana Uppal who was in Harbhajan Mann's recently released video 'Vaari Vaari'.


What are your inspirations for becoming a model?

From a young age modelling is a career I always wanted to do. My job brings me so many different experiences that I would never have got if I had a normal 9-5 job.

I have been lucky enough to work in different countries and meet different people from all over the world.  I also love modelling so much because the opportunities are endless, I am very hard working and ambitious so this work suits me perfect.

From an early age, did you know that becoming a model was what you wanted to do or was there another career path you wished to follow?

There were a lot of different jobs I was interested in doing when I was young from a lawyer to a actress. I had always enjoyed acting at school so modelling is the first step for me to progress into films.

Who is your role model?

I don’t have one specific role model but I like to take positive attributes from people that have done well in there life and try to develop that in my self.

I look up to Katrina Kaif a lot as I think she has accomplished so much in the film industry while having the challenges such as having to learn Hindi and moving to a different country to work and adapt to the different cultures etc.

I look up to women that have accomplished powerful roles in work and in charity as I believe this shows strength and determination.

It’s a very competitive industry and many Asian girls are trying to break through, how did you become well known?

Because I started modelling at a young age I have had a few years now to build up a good portfolio of work. After doing advertisements and music videos people started to recognize me.

It is harder now for Asian girls modelling in the UK as there is so much competition.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I am now working on my acting and improving my Hindi and Punjabi so hopefully I will get a part in a film. I hope to get more big campaigns with my modelling.

Asian families haven’t really accepted modelling as an appropriate career. Did you have a problem with your parents accepting it as something you wanted to pursue?

My family where fine with me modelling on one condition that I wouldn’t do any sleazy work or anything that would jeopardise my reputation.

My mum has supported me a lot these past few years and without my mothers support nothing would have been possible for me.

The title track – Main Vari Vari

Were you a big fan of Harbhajan Mann before you started working with him?

Yes I have always been a big fan of his songs and films. He has helped keep the Punjabi film industry alive which I think is a great thing.

How was it like working with the legendary Harbhajan Mann?

It was great. Harbhajan Mann is an extremely talented and nice person. He is also very down to earth which I think is refreshing to see seen as though he is such a successful artist.

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Given the opportunity, would you consider starring in a Punjabi film?

Yes defiantly.  Starring in a Punjabi film would make my family very proud. I am improving my Punjabi speaking at the moment so in a few months when I feel it has improved I will then see what opportunities are there for me.

Finally for all our readers any messages?

Hope you enjoy the video and thank you for your support and comments.  You can go to Facebook on my fan page Deana Uppal or you can go onto to keep updated with whats happening.


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Deana Uppal in big brother uk, thats interesting, lets hope we dont have the Shilpa Shetty issue all over again!
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Would consider suggesting this youn g lady to play elizabetha in Bram Stokers classic remake .... do you believe in true love .

Will go a very very long way .

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