Exclusive Interview with Enkay

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Having recently releasing his debut single 'Sadi Akh' caught up with newcomer Enkay to talk about his new singler & more!

For those who are unaware, give everyone a quick break down to who Enkay is

Enkay:: Well firstly I live near London and am currently studying at the University of Manchester (which by the way is a mission to drive to every week!). I’d consider myself as a creative character and quite easy going. I’m also very passionate about anything I do, and dedicated to deliver my best effort where I can. Apart from that, I’m an average youth!

What’s been your background in music and how did you get introduced to it??

Enkay:: Well I’ve been in the scene for quite some time now – around 3 years. I’ve been DJing, and have been taught by the pioneer of DJs – DJ H. So I’ve been heavily involved in the DJing circuit at weddings and clubs. Just over a year ago, I wanted to progress to the next level, so I took up producing. I then experimented with various studios and recordings. Eventually I got signed to Limitless Records and then got working on my debut single. Which brings me to this point..

The trend of DJ’s turning into Producers in Bhangra is ever extending, do you think producers need to know music and instruments before they embark on producing Bhangra music?

Enkay:: Absolutely, Being a DJ then producer is helpful in many ways. Firstly, DJs have the advantage of knowing what works on a dance floor, what crowds look out for and what keeps the party going. At the same time, they have good knowledge of music which ultimately means they won’t be limited to a particular type of music. I’m not suggesting that you have master DJing before you start producing, but it provides a good stepping stone and helps you familiarise yourself with beats and sounds. And yes, obviously the more musical knowledge you have, the easier it will be get your thoughts into reality.

Are you able to play any instruments yourself?

Enkay ::I played Dhol whilst growing up – I was taught by the Dhol Foundation and loved it. During school I started playing the violin, but haven’t touched one is several years now. I’m currently learning how to play the keyboard. And also going to start learning the drum kit in the next few months.

How would you best describe your debut single ‘Sadi Akh’?

Enkay:: West meeting East. There’s a lot going on in the track. I’ve used a mandolin as one of my main instruments and an electric guitar. And of course, your dhols, dholkis and tablas. All of these combined give the track a very dancy and feel-good factor. And finally not forgetting the vocals of Kaka Bhaniawala. Not much I can say describes his abilities. It was a pleasure using his talent and the track really has come alive.

I hear you’re still studying as a student? How difficult is it to manage music and studies? And do you think you’ll have to make a choice to pick either one down the line?

Enkay:: Yes, that’s correct. I’m entering my final year at university.

To be honest, the last several years have been extremely hectic anyway. I’ve been a resident DJ at several nights and promoted several nights. However, it can understandably get very stressful at times. But that’s where I like to think my character shines – I always stay calm and get through whatever is thrown at me. I don’t think I’ll have to pick either, but may have to make sacrifices on my social life.

What are your plans for the future after the release of ‘Sadi Akh’

Enkay:: I’m well underway on the production of my debut album. So the next few months will be crucial for me. I can’t say just yet exactly who will feature on it, but its sounding good so far and certainly hope it’ll make some noise upon it’s release.

Thanks for the interview, any final words for the readers of

Enkay:: Yep, just a massive thank you for those who have supported me on my debut and a big shout out going to all Simply Bhangra’s readers. I hope you enjoy Sadi Akh, which is out now on iTunes, there’s plenty of more stuff in the pipeline.

Enkay (UK)

Enkay/ (USA)

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+2 #2 Rumita 2011-01-05 23:27
this is one boring interview, simplybhangra your questions are absolute wack!

It's obviously not easy with new artist so limited questions. Amazing interview enkay!! x
-6 #1 SARTAJ FAN 2010-09-20 14:34
this is one boring interview, simplybhangra your questions are absolute wack!

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