Exclusive Interview with B Projekt

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Renowned DJ and music producer B Projekt has been dominating the club scene across Mumbai for years, 2009 saw him launch his debut album 'Blindfolded' featuring UK Star Juggy D.'s Salil and Roopinder caught up with B Projekt in Mumbai to talk about his latest video featuring G Deep and Raja Wilco who teamed up for the single 'Naal Nachona' coming off the album 'Blindfolded'.

The video for "Naal Nachona" just came out last week and is the second video after "Ni Soniye" from your album Blindfolded. How has the response to the video been so far in North America and UK or is it too early to judge that?

The feedback & response has been phenomenal infact I wasn't going to shoot a video for this track. Its was the fan mails , requests and the love people showed for this track which pushed me to fly to usa and shoot this video.. To be honest the video is only exclusive to a very few websites. It’s not even airing on television. And we already are getting a good response which is a good sign for the song.

Watch Video - B Projekt ft G-Deep & Raja Wilco - Naal Nachona (Video) / B Projekt ft Juggy D - Ni Soniye (Full Video)

Was the video planned in such a manner that it would air around this time or do you think it could have come out a little earlier as Ni Soniye has already been playing for quite some time now?-

It was the people , the mails , the messages .. I still remember my inbox where one person said "You should've made a video for naal nachona instead of ni soniye :)

And both the songs & videos are totally different everything wise.  May be that's why it took a while to shoot this video, but its all good we went with the flow.

Any more videos in the pipeline that we can look forward too?

I think this would be the last video from Blindfolded. But I'm not going to stop here, like every artist I want to make more n more good tracks & videos.

If you were to say in a few words, how has the response been to Blindfolded considering it was the first Bhangra album produced entirely by an Indian producer in India?

I feel its all about breaking genres and crossing the limits. That’s what blindfolded is all about. Born and bought up in Mumbai it was a tough decision to produce a Bhangra album.

People here love Bollywood. But I always wanted to do this and I'm glad people accepted blindfolded and now I feel proud playing my Punjabi in the city of Bollywood.

How has the experience of being a producer been considering you have so much creative freedom?  And what has been the most important thing you learnt in the process?

Starting out as a DJ always thought me how to move the crowd and understand the pulse of the floor. I think that's what I do in the studio. Ahah I don't start dancing in the studio, but that's what I’m imagining while making a track.

The most important thing I learnt or I always knew is. Money, fame etc these things will keep coming all you got to do is stay rooted and keep on making good music.

While performing at gigs did you feel that the urban audiences now have a better understanding and feel about Bhangra music than they probably had or you think that much hasn't changed?

Of course, I think Bhangra music has come a long way. Various mediums have helped the Punjabi songs one of them is "FILMS". If you notice there was a time where every Bollywood film featured one Punjabi dance track.

And Punjabi is all about happiness and dancing who wouldn't want to be happy and dancing.

Are you already working on your second album? If yes, when can we expect it?

At the moment I'm struggling to find time to hit the studio and make some beats. May be after I'm done promoting naal nachona.  But you will definitely hear a couple of singles before we wind up 2010.

How different would it be from Blindfolded? Any new sounds/ collaborations that fans can expect?-

Blindfolded was a trial for me, I did not care about feedback or response. I just wanted to do this. So the next album you'll definitely hear loads of new sounds.

I feel that every producer should have a distinct sound; I'm in the process of defining my sound to the people.

Have things changed after starting your own Artist Management Co. called 10Productions, giving chance to all the talented artists. Could you tell us more about it

10productions is all about providing platform & resources to talented artists. After we started last year we received lots of demos, we yet working on it.  

This year I'm planning of launching my own record label under tentative names "Projektion Records" or "Plan B Records".

Being the Director for Plan B Entertainment heading nightclubs in Mumbai, to name some - RA, Prive, Rockbottom.

This is one of the reasons of keeping me away from the studio. We recently bought over RA and plan to refurbish the venue by early next year, I'm excited but at the same time your responsibilities double up when you own a nightclub.

Read More - Introducing Plan B

How would you describe your experience till today after the launch of Blindfolded?

It’s been an amazing ride specially giving the Bhangra to the Mumbai crowd. It’s a journey started for me, I hope it’s a pleasing one.

Lastly, any message for your fans and readers of

I love simplybhangra. I love the fact that a website is discreetly offering Bhangra to people worldwide at no cost.

Big up to all the fans & readers of simplyB.

Peace. God bless




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