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Interview with Sukshinder Shinda (Brit Asia Awards Coverage)

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After the recent releases of ‘Collaborations 2’ and his religious album ‘Satguru Mera’ Sukshinder Shinda is already working on his next album. caught up with the man himself at the 2010 BritAsia Awards .


How does it feel to win the BritAsia Awards for best video and best producer?

Sukshinder Shinda: It feels very good. If you do something and get recognition you feel very happy that you’ve done something right. Just to get nominated is a great pleasure and everyone’s a winner in my heart. Music isn’t a one man show; it’s because of everyone’s support that I am here. I’d like to thank everyone, all my fans all over the world.

Your latest release is a religious album. Why did you decide to record a religious album? What inspired you?

Sukshinder Shinda: This is my sixth album singing wise. I’ve done many albums before and I started out doing religious albums. I thought it was the right time because I’ve been working on these songs for a long time. I wanted to give something back to the community, especially the younger generation. And the feed back that I got is out of this world.

What can your fans expect from you in 2010?

Sukshinder Shinda: Well, I’m working on my new album, which should be out September/October.

Many of you’re new songs such as ‘Ghum sum ghum sum’ and ‘Apni bana leh’ have a Bollywood feel. Are you looking to go into Bollywood music production?

Sukshinder Shinda:When I listen to Labh Janjua, Manak-E or Sukhwinder Singh singing Bollywood songs, I feel very happy. I feel that if one of my songs is used in Bollywood then my Punjabi people would be equally happy to hear it. It’s very hard to make your mark in Bollywood because there’s a lot of talent there so if it happens then it would be good. I haven’t had any offers yet though.

You have recorded songs with several artists for your albums Collaborations and Collaborations 2. Who did you most enjoy working with and why?

Sukshinder Shinda: Collaborating with Gurdas Mann was a dream for me. I’ve been listening to this guy since I was a little kid. Just to sit with him is a great opportunity and I got to sing with him and perform on stage with him. Not many people can say that. Gurdas Mann is the man! A.S Kang is also a living legend and I enjoyed singing with him aswell.

Sukshinder Shinda Satguru Mera

Is there any artist who you haven’t already worked with and would want to collaborate with?

Sukshinder Shinda: The ultimate was Gurdas Mann and by the grace of God that has already happened.

There are many newcomers entering the music industry. What do think about this trend?

Sukshinder Shinda: : I always say the more the merrier. I would like to encourage youngsters to come into the music business, to learn an instrument and to sing. There’s nothing better than music in my life. Anything to do with music is brilliant.

Thanks for taking the time out for this interview. Do you have any final words for your fans?

Sukshinder Shinda: I’d just like to thank everybody for supporting me. have proudly featured every video to be released of Satguru Mera and you can find the links for each video below if you may have missed any

Sukshinder Shinda - Aeh Pagri Sardara

Sukshinder Shinda & Jazzy B - Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Sukshinder Shinda - Yaar Main Uthon Da

Sukshinder Shinda - Tasveer

Sukshinder Shinda - Dasan Guruan Di Amar Kahani

Sukshinder Shinda & Jazzy B - Bole So Nihal De Jaikare

Sukshinder Shinda & Jazzy B - Satguru Mera

Sukshinder Shinda - Aao Jisne Katwoni

Sukshinder Shinda - Jis Da Guru Hai Kalgi Dhar Ni


Article written by Sarb Mann and Manjinder Mann



R Kaur
+1 #2 R Kaur 2010-05-18 23:26
loads of respect, has to be said he is the man in the music industry who keeps pushing the boundaries, good luck and look forward to the album
+2 #1 limoo 2010-05-17 19:36
well deserved win for shindaji, looking forward to the next album, keep us posted thanks :)

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