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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 0.00 (0 Votes) caught up with young producer and musician Jus Ritz who released his debut solo release 'Jus The Begining' earlier this year.

Check out what he has to say about the album, and what he has planned for the future!



Whats up Ritz! You’ve been in the scene for a minute, for those who don’t know who you are give a quick lowdown

Jus Ritz: What’s happening people I’m Jus Ritz, Im a Producer, DJ and Musician. I have been learning and practising music since an early age. Also earlier this year I set up the Official Jus Ritz Roadshow

You released your album ‘Jus The Begining’ in February this year, a few months on how has the reaction been for you? In terms of sales and popularity

Jus Ritz: To be honest I never expected this much recognition, it has been amazing. ‘Jus The Beginning’ opened a lot of doors for me in terms of working with bigger artists, been booked for a lot more shows.

From gathering the vocals to finally releasing the album, how long did the process take?

Jus Ritz: It was a difficult and long process, the album took jus over two years to make. That was down to me being a perfectionist to be honest with you as I found myself doing two or three versions of the same tracks jus so I knew I had the perfect product.

Your video ‘Tere na te glassy’ got over 150,000 hits on Youtube alone, that must be an amazing feeling for any artist?

Jus Ritz: It was an amazing feelings, Tere Na Te Glassy did really well for me, not only on YouTube but on TV and Radio. It was the stepping stone in my career. As it was the first track people herd and saw of Jus Ritz it was important to make the video and track as perfect as possible.

On a similar note, how important do you think the websites such as Youtube and Facebook are in the development of new artists?

Jus Ritz: Internet is a great mean of promotion especially for new artists, YouTube and facebook is brilliant as it gives an artist a head start before they enter the industry. It’s also a great way for us artists to get in touch and see what the public think of our products

Your label (DAS Records) supported the album with 3 quality videos, it’s rare for any label to invest in new artists, do you consider yourself in a lucky position?

Jus Ritz: Yeah I have had a lot of support from my record label they have been great from the start of signing to them. The videos have been fantastic they caught the attention of loads of viewers worldwide. I have been very lucky in some sense as a lot of new comers nowadays don’t have this type of backing.


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I’m sure as you know, these days the public are very sceptical when it comes to ‘new’ producers and are quick to throw accusations of ghost production around. Can you clear up where the album was produced, in terms of mixing down and engineering & mastering?

Jus Ritz: This question always comes up in interviews and I love defining it haha. In terms of my music I produced everything myself but there are many people who don’t produce their own music but to be quite frank it doesn’t affect me. I play a series of instruments which include piano, harmonium, dhol, dholki and a little bit of drums. All these instruments have been used in my tracks however there are instrument pieces in my tracks which I never played, just because I never played them doesn’t mean my music was ghost produced. In terms of mixing down I mixed down some of my work however I did get an experienced engineer to mix down my tracks in order to get the best possible sound.

How tough was it juggling the strains of University life and trying to produce and plan your album?

Jus Ritz: Damn you’re revealing how young I am lol. It’s difficult, I’ll give you a simple equation music + education = no sleep. It is difficult but I think you have to prioritise your time.

As a newcomer did you have any mentors or people who gave you a great deal of support and knowledge when you were producing your album?

Jus Ritz: I had a lot of people who I looked up to and I also had a lot of friends in the in industry that I could go to for advice but I didn’t have any mentors. Before starting my album I was very familiar with the musical software’s which was an advantage.

I understand you’ve also now got your own roadshow, what do you see yourself more as, a DJ or producer? Also do you think DJing can help with your production?

Jus Ritz: Yeah I have recently set up Jus Ritz Roadshow which is coming along nicely. I can’t pick one to be honest with you as I love doing both. Usually it tends me being in the studio in the day producing tracks and then in the evening having a club or roadshow booking. Dj’in definitely helps me produce my tracks as I get to see what works and what doesn’t work on the dance floor.

What advice would you give to any young producers trying to break the scene at the moment? Also would you be willing to work with new talent and if so how can they get in touch?

Jus Ritz: I’d say to any new up and coming producer keep doing your thing and remember practise makes perfect. There’s a lot of haters in this industry don’t let that get to you, Keep your head down low and let the music talk for its self. That’s the advice I’ve always used. In my first album a majority of the singers were new artists I’m all about working a scouting for new talent, people can send their demo’s to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I hear you’ve got a lot of things lined up in the near future, can you give us the low down on any new projects for Jus Ritz?

Jus Ritz: Yeah since the release of the album I’ve been really busy doing work for other artists, also working on my second solo album. In the next few months I will be releasing a new video single with a big artist, that’s all I’m going to say

Thanks for taking time out with the interview, any final words for your fans and the readers of

Jus Ritz: A massive shout out to SimplyBhangra.Com and a massive shout out to everyone out there who’s supported me. God Bless JR x


Tere Naina Video

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