'Cat Talk' with Shama Shah

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“Another hectic week has come to an end. At last we can breathe, sing, dance and relax with some “Me” time. The best medicine for the soul is good music and songs especially if they are complimented with a sweet voice of a singer especially if they are sung like a nightingale humming on the tree surrounded by flowers in a bright sunny afternoon” 

I would like to introduce to you a very capable singer called Shama Shah’.



Our first rendezvous was in Ealing Broadway over a cup of Chai Latte in Star Bucks. After exchanging few mails on facebook we decided it was time to break the ice in person and I made a mental note of writing a feature on her. Everyone around the café was hustling and bustling to catch a bus or board a train waiting in anticipation to reach their destination of love, peace and perhaps the usual boredom of the weekend.

I was early by 5 minutes for the meeting and was getting ready to pull out my interview book and pen to write about Shama. As expected Shama arrived at dot 6.30 pm.  She was accompanied by her sister and was looking very smart in her purple cardigan, black trousers and a black handbag. I was pleasantly surprised to meet and greet her as she looked far more beautiful in real life. Her long and shining hair was very casually but neatly drawn over her shoulders and her face was glowing with peace and calm. She sat down very elegantly on the comfortable sofa and we finally got talking and I was delighted to find out about her and her achievements in the Asian Media.  

Shama has been singing from the age of 9 and formed her band at the age of 10. She represented Voice of Kenya on Television at the tender age of 11 and came out with her first album Forever Yours in 1995. The album had a Superhit song ‘Shehri Babu’ and songs from this debut album were used on British soap Coronation Street, National Geographic Documentaries, French film Gomez et Tavaros. She also sang on Geri Haliwells (Ginger Spice) album Schizophoronic and also for Roddy Frames album Reason for Living.

Shama released her second album Spellbound in 2004 and now is working towards her third album which is set to be released later this year/early next year.  With UK being her primary market we look forward to some great music and songs.

Besides doing voice over for commercials for TV and Radio, Shama has a band called ‘Shama and friends’ which was formed in 1994. Her band has performed live worldwide and has worked with singers such as Abhijeet and Jaspinder Narula. She has given a live performance with Sukhwinder Singh ,Shweta Pandit and Moin Akhtar.

Shama is also a healer and does TFT treatments. This hobby gives her a lot of inner satisfaction and if she was not a singer this was a profession that she would have taken up and pursued seriously on a full time basis.

I was not surprised to hear the passion and commitment in her voice when we spoke about the healing process and how people can benefit from it.  There is something very special about this lady. She has class, a lot of depth in her soul and a very genuine heart.

She has a wicked sense of humour and I was very pleasanty surprised to get the answers just as you will be Enjoy !!



Check out Shama’s website to get more information about her band:


Place of Birth...................Tripoli. 

Date of Birth....................I'd lie and what's the fun in that? And if I tell you the truth, can I kill you?

My Favourite Bedroom Line good and if you can't be good, be good at it  

I love sleeping around busy schedule!! 
Sex to me is....................Strictly private between the
people, person, groups, whoever’s involved!! 

If I was not human I will be which animal ?..........a cow in India .Hmmm...although I am sure I have been called a cow before & I am indian. Does that make me an Indian GAI already??  If I did come back as an Indian cow, I would definitely annoy anyone who ever called me a cow.  Damn them.  I'd walk in front of their cars in the middle of the road, even here in London, in heavy traffic! 
Embarrassment to me is.............realising after a university interview that my mascara had run in the rain on the way there and i had streaks on my cheeks. I had sat confidently chatting in the interview & even got offered a place!! 

I take a shower without clothes because.....................they shrink on me otherwise and then they are so hard to take off and don't look too good on.  Ever seen people with too-tight clothes on? You see, there's the problem.   
I am proud of band & the journey we have had together... aaaahhhhh.  OK seriously, I am proud every time we go on a journey and get to the end without getting lost. 
I love................the pearls of wisdom my 4 year old nephew comes out with :-)  

I hate.....hypocrisy. It's notcool. 

My voice is 4-year old nephew's when I am in pain.

I would one day like to be..................recognised without makeup!!  I have had organisers talk to me, when I haven't had makeup on, and ask me if 'Shama' will be attending the show? J 

With the exchange of funny imagination it was time for us to leave for home and with this its time for me to go too. Have a lovely week babies, I will catch you again next Friday with a feature on a man behind the success of Raghav. (Angel Eyes)Watch the space!!


+1 #15 Sohini 2010-11-04 09:39
saw her with her band at trafalgar square diwali.was awesome!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
+1 #14 rizi685 2010-10-21 12:10
hee hee what strange questions artists are asked in interviews.kudo s for the answers!they were so funny :D reading the other comments.looks like you have a lot of respect from audience,peers and organisers.all except this nadiya person-i dont think its her real name.sounds like a woman from the bitchiness hee hee :P great going ms shama!all the best to you :roll:
0 #13 Shaina 2010-10-20 22:44
I ve seen Shama perform many times.good singer & good stage presence.When not on stage,even sitting on the side,she looks elegant,sophist icated & poised.I went up 2 her once to ask for something and her manners were impeccable.Nadi ya u obviously do not know the lady.u will like her if u meet her.
Great article.made me laugh out of my seat!!!! :lol:
-4 #12 nadiya 2010-10-03 20:21
I find her cheap for an Indian woman.
Her singing is terrible aswell
+3 #11 Made our night perfect!!!!!Ronak 2008-05-06 23:51
Shama and her band performed at our first ever YLANL mehfil night on Sunday 4th May. They made the evening. An amazing performance and they kept the crowd entertained all evening by adjusting to the crowds responses.

We didnt have to say or do anything. Shama totally dealt with the show and made the night perfect!
Dj Sanj
+2 #10 Dj Sanj 2008-04-30 16:41
Very nice interview,I have heard her songs, she is good .
Vj Mesuria
+3 #9 Vj Mesuria 2008-04-29 07:05
Excellent interview, lucky for me I\'ve worked with Shama and known her for a few years... Honestly \"Dam great artist & a great band\"

All our love & total respect! :-) :silly: :-)
+2 #8 chandrika 2008-04-24 22:13
an excellent interview!!!alw ays thought shama was kind of serious woman but i was so wrong. this is how an interview should be fun, fun, & more fun!!!keep it up. so when\'s her nxt rapid fire round???hpe soon. :
+2 #7 divya 2008-04-24 10:50
a great interview to read, thanks to the humour and wit in the answers...the first interview i have read which doesn\'t follow the normal answers!!! B)
+2 #6 mrjas 2008-04-22 11:00
its nice to see humour & wit in this article.loved the questions.loved the answers even more!hot chick! :P
+2 #5 Nimesh 2008-04-21 14:43
I like the questions asked...a bit cheeky but interesting .
+2 #4 Jayshree 2008-04-21 09:37
Its good to see articles like this and people we dont see, hear about that often are getting some promotion, seen Shama at a mela and she sure does sound wicked, looking forward to her album, respect to you all here at simplybhangra, keep up the good work!

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