Interview with Suzi Mann

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Hello babies, I am back with some more CAT TALK for you. The victim for this week is Suzi Mann. Suzi is a successful Radio/TV artist and a model. She was nominated this year for UK AMA awards for broadcasting the best show on Sunrise Radio and has also hosted shows for sharing the podium with Shah Rukh Khan. Ohhh…Aaahhh….Ouchhhh…!!  This is exactly how you will feel when you see her. Let me give you a synopsis of a recent meeting that I had with her.



The bank holiday weekend was very interesting as I went for a launch party of a movie and I was alone on the floor sneaking a peek to find a known face. By now it was almost 10.30 pm, and I was sipping Malibu when under the dancing lights I saw Suzi Mann.  I was very happy to see her as at last I was not feeling lost.  As always her radiance shone through the dark dancing room and it was very difficult to miss her sparkling smile.

Every time I see her the first thought that comes to my mind is that she truly has the assets with the 3 B’S …right I did not mean the cup size…Ha-ha I meant the Beautiful, Beaming, and Blissful Suzi Mann, this is exactly how she looked in her tall and slim frame dressed very smartly in her jeans, nice shiny top, high heels and a large handbag, probably full of fan mail.

The well groomed halo of her hair enveloped her beautiful face swaying around her shoulders in perfect rhythm with the moving frame of her body giving an extra bounce to the S-E-X-Y babe. We had a great night meeting a mix of interesting talent of singers, film directors, promoters, dancers and DJ’S.I was curious to find out about the story behind the making of a successful Radio Presenter/TV Artist SUZI MANN. We started talking when it got little quite and I found out the story behind this sexy woman.”

In her own words

I come from a small medieval town called Hitchin in Hertfordshire and it all started with London which shaped me into what I am today.  I came here in search of a career and independence though when I first arrived I was simply doing a corporate telesales job. Due to my strict upbringing I was never encouraged to pursue what I had studied for. I was a good drama student and continued further studies in performing arts whilst working part-time, but I always knew that’s where it would end, their will be nothing more at the end of my hard efforts.

One fine day I heard an advertisement on Sunrise, for a Receptionist, it sounded like an exciting opportunity, almost too good to be true! On this rare occasion it was true, and from here I was given the opportunity to unleash a talent I never knew I had. Don’t get me wrong it was never easy though I believe luck played a big part in where I am today. It’s funny because broadcasting was never something I imagined myself to do.

I have a lot of admiration & respect for the management of Sunrise for believing in me, more than my folks! Having done it for almost 7 years now, the adlibbing comes naturally I love expressing my passion for music & cinema on the Bollywood Top 20 every Saturday from 4pm to 7pm.With my forte being Bollywood, I’m lucky enough to also be working for the world renowned ITN. ITN ON unveiled Bollywood Insider last year which is a weekly made for mobiles programme aimed at the UK’s Indian community “Suzi was speaking with a lot of passion and it was interesting to know how she made her transition from a Receptionist to an Artist.

It indeed takes a lot of determination and understanding of aesthetics to appreciate true art and transform that art into your own being. It does not matter when and how we want to make a beginning, what really matters is how dedicated we can be towards that beginning. With this interesting rendezvous it was time for both of us to head back home.

We came out looking for a taxi and all that Suzi had to do was flutter her big eyelashes, and boy did the taxiwala give us a discount? Actually he not only just gave us a discount but he was so taken in by her charm that he  almost fell flat on the wheel and noticing this uncalled for worship  Suzi said “Hum taxi koo nahi, taxi humein dhoondtey hain".



Here are some juicy bits of her life; especially for you…The fun has just begun....

Place of Birth................... hospital bed, in Hitchin Hertfordshire

Date of Birth....................when I was born the world needed a holiday- Boxing Day!

My Favourite Bedroom Line ...........which side do you sleep on the left or the right?

I love sleeping around pillows and cuddly teddy’s

Sex to me is....................pure fun and sexcitement

If I was not human I will be which animal ..........tiger Cub – you hurt me and my mama will munch you!!

Embarrassment to me is.............a free blusher!

I take a shower without clothes because.....................I have a washing machine!

I am proud of ..............all self made successful people.


I hate................pretentiousness

I am good looking because...............I am honest

My voice is like...................velvet

I would one day like to be..................married to Thierry Henry

We burst out laughing and with a happy note called it a night.



+2 #51 spsyed 2010-11-23 00:03
Convicted criminal turns Indian media baron, rubs shoulders with corrupt…
"Avtar Litt: Road to Sunrise" (ISBN: 9781906015299/1 906015295) is an educational book in which readers will not find much details about the author's habitual crimes, and his victims. Convicted criminal, Litt/Lit turns Indian media baron who rubs shoulders with super rich Indians and British politicians, including British PM David Cameron MP. He would like British government to give him well earned and deserved knighthood, peerage and other honours for services to crimes. Is that why his brainless fans worship him? Is that why only corrupt politicians, businessmen and British broadcasting regulators have accepted him to be fit to hold several licenses, giving him blank cheque to monopolise the market?
+1 #50 rami 2009-02-12 13:47
Sunrise Radio has so many fakes e.g. Paul shah, Deepa Rai, and sandy Shah to name a few who have been swaped with different people just because Avtar Litt is a arse hole. Funny thing thing is Avtar litt is in the asian rich list. YET he doesnt pay his staff, he treats them like shit, even swears at them regardless if their married or female. So Sunrise radio is Basically Charity. And big up respect to Suzi Mann
+1 #49 Raj 2008-11-05 17:21
I agree how pathetic! I\'ve heard from a very reliable source that the current presenter Bollywood Top 20 Deepa Rai has been getting her boyfriend (Amir) to call up listners and abuse them. yes, you read that correct listeners who are entitled to constructive critism are being harrassed by this so called individual. Talk about insecurity and how unprofessional for a presenter to stoop so low. Apparently Deepa\'s boyfriend used vulgar words on a text reply back to a 10 year old who simply said she found the show boring and requested for some gossip!! Her parents will hopefully expose this mut of a presenter and her boyfriend Amir!!

So out of order!!!
0 #48 Asi 2008-11-05 16:56
Hey Guys & Gals,

What a disappointment it has been, not hearing the lovely \'REAL\' Suzi Mann on her Sunrise Radio Top 20 Show, that was taken by 2 presenters who \'TRIED\' to pull it off but failed miserably and the 3rd one is still \'TRYING\' to make it the Top 20 the management have formatted and \'BELIEVE\' will work! Its been over 3 months now and they cant get it right. Below is a crystal clear example. You decide for yourself.

(Info taken from
As Of Date: 5th November 2008

Last Updated On :
October 13, 2008

1 N/E Mr India

2 N/E Dilwale Dulhaniye Le Jayenge

3 N/E Mohabbatein

4 N/E Dil Toh Pagal Hai

5 N/E Deewana

6 N/E Baazigar

7 N/E Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

8 N/E Sholay

9 N/E Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

10 N/E Hum Saath Saath Hai

11 N/E Rangeela

12 N/E Parinda

13 N/E Ram Teri Ganga Mali

14 N/E Shree 420

15 N/E Mother India

16 N/E Disco Dancer

17 N/E Ram Lakhan

18 N/E Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

19 N/E Ghajini

20 N/E Hey Gujju

UP: UP | DN: Down | UNCH: Unchanged | N/E: New Entry | R/E: Re-Entry
0 #47 ribena 2008-10-09 14:47
this is so weird , we are discussing the fake suzi mann,and the person who wrote this column is the fake sonia dutta...the origional one left 2 years they say what goes round comes round.
have heard that paul shah has also left but he was like the 10th paul shah or something like that.
0 #46 Guest 2008-09-30 14:25
Suzi is also on facebook!!!
0 #45 Guest 2008-09-06 14:02
I\'m afraid it doesn\'t work looks like it has timed out :sad: All of Suzi Mann\'s fans can catch her online search on youtube - \'Bollywood Insider\' it rocks!! :woohoo:
0 #44 Guest 2008-08-30 16:02

Cut n paste above into new browser it should work!
0 #43 Guest 2008-08-30 07:40
Angela and Ravi

I have tried both links - which is the correct one...please let me know?
0 #42 Angela 2008-08-26 14:28
Thanks Ravi - what a delight it is to hear Suzi again. She really was brilliant and much better than the rubbish they have put on now.
0 #41 This is correct link for lastRavi 2008-08-20 09:38

I can\'t figure out their archives.
-1 #40 Suzi\'s last show from ArchiveRavi 2008-08-20 09:06


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