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Catching Up With Ravinder Bhinder

Fresh off the release of his brand new track 'Bachelors Life' Ravinder Bhinder caught up with us to talk about the track, his inspiration and what he has planned for the future.

Who are some of your Punjabi music influences that you have looked up to both as a child and currently?

People say children always look up to their father and in my case this was so true, I was so influenced by my father Late Sr. Chanan Singh Bhinder, his singing, his style and his presence around people that whenever he use to go on stage to perform I mean everything about him. I always wanted to be like him and now also I really wish that if i can become even 1% of how good my father was as an artist & human being I will be more than happy.

After my father if anyone has really made me fell in love with music is Punjabiyan Di Shaan Gurdas Maan Sahab but again I think I love him because his style and his voice reminds me of my father but honestly after my father he is someone whose singing and songs influenced me alot.

Who is your favourite artist in the industry and what is the track that you have on repeat?

I would say Gurdas Maan Sahab is my most favorite artist ever who is even now working in the industry even after so many years I can listen to his songs all the time nonstop, however from new generation of Punjabi singers I really love listening to Satinder Sartaaj, Ranjit Bawa and Babbu Maan. I also really love listening to Sartaaj Bhajis Jalsa, Sajan Razi & Main te Meri Jaan..

Where did you get the idea for Bachelor's Life and what made you go with it? What about the life of a Bachelor made you choose to write and sing this track?

Well Bachelors life is basically Chaadiyan Di Joon Buri which over the no. of years become folk traditonal song, for the very first time I heard it from my father when I was in school I mean in this particular compostion in which I have sang it...

Few years back we realized that this song was written by Late Inderjit Hasanpuri and later very similar song was performed by Late.Jagjit Singh Ji in some of his shows but in his own composition.

So since I started doing music commercially I always wanted to sing this song in my fathers style in his original composition hence I started working on it and once I was more comfortable with the sound and scale that was required for the song we went ahead and record it I waited because I really wanted this to sound good and wanted to do justice to my father's memories attached with this song.

The music for the track was done by Sher Azad, why did you use him to produce your track and what was the process behind the production?

Sher Azad is 1 music producer who has awesome music sense and he is someone whose music you will hear a lot in near future in many top songs. We started working together from my 2nd song Grarri and since then he has given music to all my songs including Yaaran Di Yaari, Singapore, Ho Jaye Balle Balle and recent one i.e Bachelors life.

We both have a good understanding of each others style and I guess that's the reason we have worked on so many tracks together we like to keep working on the track till the time we get the sound that we wants from out sound.

This is your 2nd track of the year with Singapore being the first which you released in February, how was the response to that single and how did that help you with this track?

Yes in this year by Waheguru Ji blessings it's actually my 3rd song including "Ho Jaye Balle Balle" which I sang for Bollywood movie Pareshan Parinda which was released in mid January 2018 and "Singapore" song which was released in Feb 2018. The response for all the songs have been really good I am so thankful to all my wellwishers and supporters including for supporting my work and helping me reach broader range of audience all across the globe.

What can we look forward to from you in the future? Any plans on an album or will you continue releasing single tracks?

Currently I am working on 4 new songs which are again all diff genres which includes Bhangra, Romantic, Urban and all.. out which 2 songs are almost ready and rest 2 we will be recording very soon.

I really want to release an album however releasing an album needs alot of time..

Alot of people don't know this about me but I am Theatre Actor as well & have done some Theatre in Singapore so I am also trying keep the ball rolling on acting side as well hopefully you will see me in some interesting film projects in near future however apart from that most importantly I am also Full time Senior IT Consultant/Account Manager and that part of my life also takes alot of my time and energy.

With gods grace I feel really blessed that I have been able to balance all 3 parts of my life. So as of now whatever time I can take out for my creative self I try and get few singles out because as of now the market is such that u really need to keep coming back with tracks every 3 to 4 months so working on singles and working on my fulltime job as well Acting & Music at the same time seems to be the way forward but yes I have already discussed with my team last month about working on an album and hopefully we can release one soon.

As an artist & a keen learner, Ravinder Bhinder is not only restricting himself to Music but also venturing and slowly but surely achieving success and accolades in world acting & other areas of arts.

You can watch the music video for Ravinder Bhinder's 'Bachelors Life below!