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Exclusive Interview with Canadian Music Producer Rup

Rup Interview

Jovan had the opportunity to chat with Canadian music producer Rup from Snow Tiger Entertainment with the release of Roti which featured the vocals of Ranjit Mani.

Roti is a great track musically and lyrically, its amazing to hear music that actually has meaning to it. As you may know Gurdas Maan also recently released the track Punjab which shows the struggles that Punjab is going through, why do you feel its important to send these types of messages out with your music?

I feel it is important to create music based on reality. I was born in Canada, raised by parents that left Punjab in the 1970's. As a child they would describe the beautiful Punjab they left, the pre-1984 Punjab, a Punjab before the Maruti infestation, a Punjab full of love and respect.

On my last visit to Punjab it was nothing like that, drive through liquor stores, drug addicts, pollution, poverty and people were looking for a quick fix but being pushed into a deeper depression is what I saw. I used Roti as a way to show the reality Punjabi's face, bringing awareness to an issue and keeping it in the forefront is required to bring about change, let's MAKE PUNJAB GREAT AGAIN!

To those of the readers that havent heard the song yet what is the track about and tell us about the meaning behind the message.

This song is about the issues people of Punjab face: unemployment, poverty, drugs, addictions and the lengths people go to leave Punjab in search of food, Roti. This issue of leaving your home for a better future isn't just an issue for Punjabi's, it is the reality of people from the "third world."
The video was directed by the hottest director in Punjab, Mani Atwal his concept and execution of the video is a perfect depiction of the lyrics of Roti. The feedback for my first release has been phenomenal, it was picked up by Bobby Friction from BBC Asian Network as the Track of the Week.
Roti is currently being played on radio playlists all around the world and the music video is being played on many video channels worldwide. For a debut single it has done extremely well, exceeding my expectations.

How did you decide that Ranjit Mani would be the perfect fit for this track, explain the process it took to get Ranjit on this track and what you had to put it all together.

I have been a big fan of Ranjit Mani for years. All of the desi producers that I respect, have worked with him. I asked Deep Basswala, who did the remix for Roti, which vocalist he thinks we should use and he suggested Ranjit Mani right away. So I went online and through his team obtained paaji's mobile. He loved the lyrics, written by Balwinder Singh Mohi, and my concept for the melody from there he went in the studio with me on the phone and banged out the vocals in just 2 takes, unlike the majority of auto tune dependent singers nowadays.
You named your label Snow Tiger Entertainment, what is the meaning behind the name and how did you come up with it?
I'm a Punjab living in Ottawa Canada, where the winters are cold with a lot of snow. My last name is Singh which means Tiger/Lion. That is where I came up with the name Snow Tiger Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian record label and entertainment company, music for for all stripes. We have some short films and music releasing in 2017.
What can we look forward to from you in the future, are their more singles in the pipleline?

I have new tracks/singles coming, including another one with Ranjit Mani and a dance floor banger with Gurmeet Meet. The video for the ROTI remix by Deep Basswala is coming next week. Snow Tiger Entertainment Inc. has two short films in the pipeline along with more real HIP HOP from Deep Basswala. I am also working on multiple productions with other artists for releases on their albums also.
Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, what would you like to say to all the readers.

To all the readers, I would like to say to support the cause. This is a great platform for fans and artists to see what is going on in the scene and helps me as a producer to find new artists to collaborate with.
Please keep an eye on, we have short films and songs releasing soon. If you are an artists and want an honest team to work with for your releases please contact us! Thank you Jovan!

You can check out the music video for Rup and Ranjit Mani's track Roti below

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