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Exclusive Interview with Deep Basswala


Deep Basswala brings you real Desi Hip Hop from the streets of BRAMPTON aka SINGH CITY. Classical Indian mandolins on a bounce style Hip-Hop beat topped with a PUNJABI/ENGLISH flow. Jovan had a chance to catch up with the Canadian rapper.

You recently released your new track ‘BOSS’ how has the response to the track been?

It's been great, so much global love (Canada, USA, UK, India, Sweden, Australia, etc) from people saying to keep up the good work. Thanks to everyone helping to spread the word and everyone who bought a copy. Slow and steady we're getting out there, 2017 it's underdog season.
Describe the process of Boss from the writing of the lyrics to the end of shooting the music video.
This one started with the beat, it was originally just going to be an intro beat for the album with talking and scratching, but when I grabbed the mic, I freestyled a bit and this just came out. Sometimes the stars align and it just bangs out, this was one of those times. The version you hear today was 90-95% done that first day, I showed it to Rup (from Snow Tiger Ent) and he loved it and said it should be the first release on his label and a solid introduction to the Deep Basswala sound.
We started getting it ready, tightened up the lyrics a bit, mixed it down (shout out to Norie Kingsbury), and threw it across the pond for mastering (shouts out to Tigerstyle). For the video we kept it real, like the lyrics to the song. Real places we chill, real friends, real cars, and that's REALLY my mom slapping me. (She requested 6 takes to slap me harder and harder. LOL). We just wanted to show a real day in the life of a Brampton Punjabi G.
What inspired you to make this track and what does it mean to you?
This track is just the reality of what's going on with the younger Punjabi culture. Like it or not, youngsters are getting tempted by the gangster and criminal way of life, to deny it or not talk about it is naive. I'm just starting the discussion. People that say I'm glorifying criminal things should listen to the lyrics, I flat out say that illegal stuff has "no future, son / You're either shot up or locked up/ Or living on the run".
I'm looking toward the future  and trying to find a way to sway the at-risk kids, back onto the golden path. You'll see what I mean if you keep checking out what I release.
As a Canadian artist in the Punjabi music industry do you think that Canadian artists get as much recognition as the UK or India artists?
Of course we do, from Jazzy B to newer artists like Deep Jandu and PropheC, their ARE people getting recognition. I think the issue is more the lack of cohesion in the Canadian scene to help promote and bring up new talent. That's where I hope that Snow Tiger can come in and help to create a system to grow local artists.
Once we're established outside of Canada, THEN the Canadian industry embraces us. That's wrong. We need to support fresh voices in the industry.
If their was one singer or producer that you could work with on a track who would it be and why?
Damn... I wanna work with too many people. That's hard. Punjabi singers.... Jazzy B, Sharry Maan, Kulbir Jhinjer, Babbu Maan. Punjabi Producers... Tru Skool, Shinda, Desi Crew. English Singers.... Justin Bieber, Snoop, Drake, Rihanna, MIA. English Producers.... Dre, Timbaland, Pharell.
I don't know, the possibilities are endless. It depends on the type of track we'd be working on. Damn, that's a hard question.
As a Desi rapper who are other artists that you look up to in the Punjabi music industry and in the mainstream hip hop industry? 
You gotta give props to Panjabi MC for paving the way. I listened to him alot growing up. Bohemia for helping push the genre. Rest In Peace to Deep Cold. I was gonna get that guy on my album before he passed. After that, there's only a handful of desi rappers doing it big. Raftaar, Badshah, Sikander Kahlon, and Fateh.
Deep Basswala is headed for the top of that shortlist. As for mainstream Hip Hop, their are too many people to list. Run DMC, NWA, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, BIG, Nas, Snoop, 50 Cent, all the legends.
Do you model your rapping style after any artists?
No, none that are out there. My style is pretty unique, I haven't heard anyone mix English and Punjabi the way I do. If I had to compare it, I'd say it was like the way that Tony Touch and the Beatnuts (New York latin rappers) mix Spanish with English.
You had the track mastered by Tigerstyle, what was that experience like and did you get any feedback on the track from them?
It was a blessing to have Tigerstyle master my track. They're world reknown and widely respected in both the Hiphop and Punjabi music scene, so I was honoured when they told me that they like the song. I look forward to working with them more on upcoming tracks.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?
I got a new track with Ranjit Mani called "Roti". Meaningful lyrics over a Deep Bass beat. It's nice. After that, we got lots more tracks in store. Just stay tuned to Deep Basswala and Snow Tiger Ent!
What would you like to say to the followers?
If you like Punjabi music and you like Hip-hop, you'll like my stuff. Check it out. Shout out to Brampton aka Singh City! Snow Tiger! Jovan and the Simply Bhangra Crew! Everyone stay blessed in 2017.
Make sure you keep watching out for Deep Basswala as he will be releasing a track with Ranjit Mani titled 'Roti' which will be releasing very soon. Until then you can enjoy his track 'Boss'

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