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Exclusive Interview with Bups Saggu!

The wait is finally over!!! Bups Saggu produces his next single with music label Zee Music Company entitled 'Kala Cobra' which is a King Kazi single.  Rupinder Rainer caught up ith Bups where he tells about his single and future music plans!

The title of this song is not one that is thinkable but is the true ingenious intellect of two very talented artists that have collaborated to create something fresh, fun and catchy, one cannot ignore it!

Bups Saggu and King Kazi have collaborated to deliver a serious pop and reggaeton vibe that will surely make you want to pump it loud and get partying hard!

Hi Bups thank you for taking time out of your extremely busy schedule and allowing me to ask about your single.

'Kala Cobra' is the title of your new single. This is King Kazi's debut track in the  industry who has sung and written the lyrics to this song. How did you know about King Kazi?

Firstly 'Kala Cobra' is King Kazi's debut track in the Asian music industry for which I have produced the music to. This track is not actually a Punjabi song, its a Hindi pop song and the first of many should I mention.

I was introduced to Kazi many years ago when he lived in London but we never got the chance to work then, which I believe was a good thing because now he is a much more experienced writer, performer and vocalist.

So why now? As chance would have it... Kazi and I have been signed up by the same management in India, Anup Kumar of Acme Muzic (the former manager of Yo Yo Honey Singh). Through this we have had the chance to produce Punjabi, Hindi and Bollywood numbers which I am super excited for everyone to hear.

There are so many versatile singers in the industry. Why was King Kazi chosen for this song?

This song was seriously memorable and catchy the instant Kazi sang it over the phone. I knew it'll be one that raised eyebrows and questions, but the world of Hindi pop is very experimental so why not ey? Bhangra music I have a deep passion for but I have now been offered projects in the world of India pop and Bollywood so would be great to make some noise on those platforms too.

What was your most memorable part whilst shooting and making the song?

The process of recording the music and music video was fun all around. The concept of this song as lyrics are hilarious and overall vibe is crazy that you cant help but enjoy it! The whole cast and crew had a brilliant time shooting the video and there wasn't a dull moment or a moment where we didnt burst out in laughter. I think this video had the most amount of fun outtakes which would be good to watch back in fact!

How is 'Kala Cobra' unique to the other tracks you have done and how did you come up with the title 'Kala Cobra?'

This was King Kazi's idea and lyrics. Not many would know but this guy was heavily involved and contributed to many of Yo Yo Honey Singh's releases in terms of lyrics and concepts so its Kazi's time to shine now I guess. From Punjabi to Hindi and English, trust me this guys writing and compositions are unmeasuerable.

What would you say is the best thing about being part of the Bhangra industry?

The Bhangra Industry is my home and for as long as i can, I will continue releasing banging Punjabi music. This stage of my career however, I feel i have a responsibility to deliver new and exciting music to my existing listeners and welcome aboard new audiences which I will hopefully do my braching out into new territories with something new.

The best thing about Bhangra is its so good and you cant help but enjoy it, hence i'll never let that go.

On social media, you have mentioned we will be seeing more from you in terms of music. Can you tell us a bit more?

As mentioned, as well as Bhangra I will be featured on Hindi pop and bollywood numbers  which I am super excited about! At this moment in time interms of songs...I probably have in the region of 20 either completed or on the go and escalating.

There are many tunes set for release but i'll talk about my solo tracks here. Tracks im allowed to mention now include a monster of a tune called 'Faaltu' featuring the vocals of Zora Randhawa. This track is going to damage it on an international scale (well I hope at least lol) so super excited about that.

To follow I have a collab with Saini Surinder and debut artist Preet Kaur for a track called 'Garrari' which has a drop that is seriously out of this world...thats exciting.

Finally I will be releasing a song featuring my first ever solo vocal called 'Black Magic'. This track I have had produced for three years but have never really found the right time to release it. Everthing about this song is catchy, from music, to composition to video concept so I hope you enjoy it. Thats all im allowed to talk about at this stage lol.

Any messages you would like to give to your fans?

I would like to thank everyone that has shown me love and supported me throughout my music career and continue to do so. I love doing what I do whether its producing Bhangra, pop, Hindi music or DJing at weddings, clubs I do this job because it makes people smile and they enjoy the experience. I will try my best to continue delivering good and exciting music and make my fans proud of Bups Saggu whether that may be in the Punjabi genre or any other. God bless you all x

Thank you Bups and wish you all the best from the team!

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